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Source: Netflix

Here's What 'Trinkets' Author Kirsten Smith Has to Say About Season 2 of the Netflix Series


Netflix’s newest binge-worthy series, Trinkets, follows three high school girls living life on the wild side. While dealing with all of the typical troubles that go along with being a teenager, such as friendships, relationships, and drama, the series also adds a twist to the storyline — the girls are serial shoplifters. Yes, these three women are kleptomaniacs who end up meeting in a support group. 

Now, with similar interests in mind, the main characters decide to team up and steal things together. Based on the YA novel by Kirsten Smith, the show follows the lives of three girls — Elodie, Moe, and Tabitha — who come from different backgrounds and social groups in school, but eventually build a close-knit friendship. 

In true Netflix fashion, fans can't get enough of the series, which has us already begging the streaming service for Season 2 of Trinkets.