Sofia Franklyn Started Some One-Sided Beef With Trisha Paytas

Sara Belcher - Author

Jan. 22 2024, Published 5:32 p.m. ET

Trisha Paytas and Sofia Franklyn
Source: Instagram / @trishapaytasbackup, @sofiafranklyn

When it comes to drama, Trisha Paytas is no stranger. The controversial influencer has been at the center of plenty of drama and feuds with other influencers, but after giving birth to her daughter, Malibu Barbie, she's been taking a lot of time to work on her mental health.

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If you watch any of Trisha's new content, she has a litany of sound advice to give her followers. Though, just because Trisha has decided to use her platform to talk about her mental health in a positive light doesn't mean others won't pick internet fights with her. That seems to be what's happened between Trisha and former Call Her Daddy host Sofia Franklyn.

Sofia Franklyn and Trisha Paytas
Source: Instagram / @trishapaytasbackup, @sofiafranklyn
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Sofia Franklyn came at Trisha Paytas over a video about "glamorizing" mental illness.

The video that started the drama was Trisha's stitch of a clip from Sofia's podcast where she and a guest commented on how they "love" their mental illness.

"OK no hate to those two girls but for those of us who don't love our mental illness, this one's for you," Trisha began her response. "I feel like it's great that mental illness is normalized and talked about... But it can be discouraging when it gets like so glamorized or it looks like people are functioning so easy and you're not."

Trisha continued sharing in her TikTok about how she's struggled with multiple mental illnesses, some of which she's previously talked about online, and she admitted that even on her best days, "it still really freaking sucks."

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"I feel like I do fall in the category of like a success rate with mental health... but I also just want it to be known that I do have really tough days," Trisha shared. "And there are days where I have like breakdowns and I hide in the bathroom and stuff like that. And it just happens. It just happens. It's not like a miracle over night. And my life has been really good, and I have been able to control like feelings and thoughts and emotions way better than I ever could, but there are still tough days."

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"So for those people who genuinely love their mental illness, I'm happy for you, but I don't love mine. And that's OK," she concluded.

This message was one of Trisha's more vulnerable and honest on the internet, and in response to Trisha's stitch of her podcast clip, Sofia had this to say:

"OK no hate to electrocuted hair girl," Sofia begins, mocking Trisha's own opening. "but I just think it's a little bit damaging to tell people how they should or should not express their own mental illness."

Immediately people began clapping back at Sofia in the comments, noting how hostile her response was when Trisha genuinely approached the topic with kindness.

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"The way she came at Trisha and invalidated her experience and victimized herself is insane omg," one commenter said, while another wrote "that response was sooooo unnecessary?? trish's vid was very respectful."

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Sofia released an apology video that some are calling a "mean girl apology."

Following the backlash Sofia received from her stitch of Trisha's video, Sofia released an apology, but not everyone believed she was actually sorry.

"First and foremost, I would like to apologize to Trisha Paytas," Sofia began. "What I said and what I did was a low blow and I can fully acknowledge that and I'm sorry."

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Sofia continues, commenting on how surprised she was at how Trisha's video "triggered" her, and acknowledged that even her friends called out her mean clapback.

"A lot of you, including one of my really good friends Brooke, commented on the video saying, 'Sofia, are you good? Like did you watch the same video that we all did?'" she said.

"Me laughing and saying 'I love my mental illness' on my show was just me taking ownership of my brain and my humanity and acknowledging something that's a part of who I am," she defended.

Ultimately, it seems that Sofia was upset by Trisha using her video to talk about "glamorizing" mental illness.

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"Do I agree that I was glamorizing it? No," she said. "There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours of me talking about mental illness and crying... So I just don't want that one moment to negate all of the real discourse and genuineness that I have brought to the topic of mental illness."

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The video ended with Sofia listing all of the ways she had reached out to Trisha, asking to talk with her further about the issue, but she's received no response from Trisha.

"I reached out on every single platform in every single way and... I don't know, Trish, you're just not picking up," she said.

Though Trisha has not publicly acknowledged why she won't take Sofia up on her offer, those in the comments theorize it may be because Sofia's apology was still "angry."

"Her attempt to reach out to Trisha feels like a threat," one commenter said, while another wrote "Most mean girl apology I've ever seen."

Clearly, Trisha's work on her mental health has been paying off, and if her response to Sofia is indicative of anything, it's that Trisha is staying in her own lane.

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