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Turbo Turabi Is Our Favorite Feminist on TV



There isn't as much gay drama on The Challenge: War of the Worlds as there was last year on The Challenge: XXX when contestants were outing each other left and right so as not to end up outed themselves. *Cough* We're looking at you Veronica, who outed Landon in an Instagram Live video. Not cool.

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But that's not stopping fans of this season's fiercest competitor, Turbo Turabi, from wondering whether or not the 30-year-old Turkish MMA fighter is gay or straight, single or taken. And we understand why you want to make him your boyfriend once he wins (fingers crossed!) this season in the finals.

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So, is Turbo gay or straight?

Listen, we're not here to out anyone, but let's take a look at some facts. For starters, it seems every The Challenge fan, male or female, has a crush on this super sensitive guy. "Seriously need to find a man like Turbo," wrote someone just this morning in a tweet that's garnered many faves and was even retweeted by Turbo himself.

"What a love," added another. "Lovely laugh." "Turbo is like worshipped, adored, and really loved back in Turkey," tweeted one fan from overseas. "He brings on views that's for sure!!!!" 

From the looks of his social media pages, Turbo likes to keep things low-key with regards to his personal life. 

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Source: Instagram

Turbo posts many videos and photos of himself doing challenging stunts and demanding workouts on Instagram — and even shares the occasional family photo — but you won't catch him canoodling with any partners in any of his posts. 

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However, considering he retweeted the blonde babe who proclaimed she needs a man like Turbo in her life, we're taking that to mean he's straight and also looking for love. After all, Turbo has tons to offer the right person.

Source: Instagram
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Turbo is a true renaissance man.

In addition to being a household name in Turkey for his two wins on Survivor and having an all-around body of steel, Turbo is also something of a renaissance man. He competed on Turkey's Got Talent and performed a show of aerial silk acrobatics recently. What!

Per his MTV bio, the Turkish hunk definitely has a creative side. "I also have an artistic and creative side," he explained. "I enjoy doing origami and craftsmanship, and I built an impressive boat myself from stray wood and tree leaves whilst living on the island during Survivor and actually sailed that boat from one island to another."

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Source: MTV via Instagram

Turbo didn't want to get involved with Nany because he wanted to stay drama-free.

So male or female, you'd be lucky to date him, because he seems like a swell guy. And while he is single, he's clearly partnered up with Nany over the past several weeks. But even though Nany obviously has a crush on Hunter, Turbo made it clear he's not interested.

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At least, he's not interested until they're done with the show. Because this Turkish star didn't join MTV for the drama, as he's mentioned numerous times. He's there to win and take home the $1 million prize. But that doesn't stop him from respecting his partner and being an exemplary feminist, TBQH.

"In my country, women are very important," he shared. "We can die for women. We can die for our sister, our mom, so I have to win The Challenge for Nany and make her proud of me," he said. Adorable!

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Source: Instagram

So, does Turbo win The Challenge? (SPOILERS)

Stop reading right now if you got what you wanted from this article, AKA that Turbo is straight and that you better start coming up with some talents of your own if you want him to notice you. But if you'd like to see who wins The Challenge at the end of this season, keep reading.

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Because it turns out Turbo does win The Challenge! Which should come as a surprise to no one because we've kind of been expecting this result all along. Even MTV's official series page called him "one of the most intimidating physical performers The Challenge has ever seen," before the show even hit the air.

Now the question remains: Who will he share his fortune with? If you find yourself in Istanbul, you now have his Instagram and Twitter pages so you can slide right into those DMs.

Don't miss the chance to watch our Turkish boyfriend compete yet again on The Challenge: War of the Worlds tonight at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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