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This "Flintstones" House Is So Ugly, the Owner's Getting Sued


There's trouble afoot in Hillsborough, California. Trouble of the ugly home variety, and one home owner's obsession with the Flintstones is to blame.

Everyone has probably had their own unfortunate experiences with crummy neighbors. If you rent and live in an apartment building, you more than likely have had someone living above you who had an affinity for shoes made out of concrete.

If you live in suburbia, there's always that one guy who just won't stop their dogs from pooping on other people's lawns, or a group of local degenerates who think Tuesdays at 2 a.m. is a great time for either a shouting match or a house party pumping out horrible music. 

But have you ever had a neighbor who offended you simply because their taste in exterior home decor was just so abominable it lowered the value of your own home? That's what happened to neighbors of a home in Hillsborough, California. Affectionately dubbed "The Flintstones House," this cartoon-creation-come-to-life was such an eyesore, the town of Hillsborough filed a lawsuit against owner Florence Fang.