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Source: Getty Images

11 Household Names Who Owe Their Careers to Viral Fame


In the days of old Hollywood up until the early 2000s, most celebrities' similar paths to stardom. Usually, they were discovered by an industry muckety-muck like a talent scout, agent, casting director, or record exec. Then they got lucky with a hit single or a prominent role in a buzz-worthy film or beloved TV show, and within a few years they were household names.

But these days, there are tons of ways to become famous, and a lot of people with talent and an appetite for attention have carved new, previously unlikely paths to celebrity. Here are some people who might have lingered in obscurity had they come into their own a few decades ago.

1. Cardi B

Source: Getty Images

Cardi B is honestly the inspiration for this list. The Grammy winner definitely didn't go through the traditional channels to become a household name, but willed it so with a combination of charisma, hard work, and being essentially undeniable. She started out as a viral star on Vine and Instagram, which led to a role on Love & Hip Hop: New York, which led to a successful recording career. Now she's winning awards left and right and selling out arenas.