People Are Cracking up at a Viral Prank Where Women Use Their Husbands' Heads to Crack Eggs

There's a hilarious and mostly harmless new prank on social media that will have you cracking up. These women used their husband's heads to crack eggs!

Pretty Honore - Author

Aug. 15 2023, Published 4:08 p.m. ET

Let’s face it — not every trend on TikTok is a hit.

The Tide Pod challenge was a total disaster, to say the least. And then, there’s the bucket challenge, where TikTokers record themselves putting buckets on unsuspecting shopper’s heads.

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We could all agree that the trend was a disaster waiting to happen, and eventually, it did when a woman ended up in the hospital.

That said, there are a couple of TikTok pranks that are both harmless and hilarious — one of which sees women crack eggs on their husband’s heads.

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There’s a trend where women crack eggs on their boyfriend’s heads and it’s hilarious.

These days, a carton of eggs can cost you an arm and a leg. The laughs you’ll get from this viral video, however, are priceless. In a compilation created by @funny.fuls that features the best reactions to the prank, you’ll see women from all walks of life cracking eggs on their husband's heads.

One genuinely confused man in the video asked his woman: “Why would you do that buddy?”

In the comments, TikTokers joked that some eggs may have been cracked more aggressively than others. “The way they all look so immediately humbled,” a user named Katie joked.

Kinsey Ahola commented: “Towards the end, I started feeling bad for the husbands that actually seems painful ...”

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“The way my husband would not find this funny is so sad to me … I want to do it so bad,” @mee784 chimed in.

And husbands and wives aren’t the only ones hopping on this trend, so are sisters and brothers! Not to mention the dads who have been hilariously victimized by the popular prank!

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Kids cracked eggs on their dad’s heads and left them speechless!

@ErykahAddict tried the egg prank on her dad and her execution was masterful. She said to the camera, “OK, guys. I’m gonna show you how to crack an egg with one hand.”

Her dad, eager to see what was next, didn’t realize that he was part of the magic trick. Startled, her dad yelled out: “Oh!”

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Immediately after, the two started cracking up and it was exactly the kind of whole content we all needed to see today.

Although many of the men whose heads were used to crack eggs were good sports about the whole thing, @samuelldntv’s dad wasn’t having it.

“I had to jump on this trend. It was my dad’s reaction for me,” the TikToker captioned his video.

His dad, who was on the phone at the time of the prank, took a while to process the whole thing. After a few seconds, he hung up the phone and picked up a spatula.

Needless to say, the egg prank trend might be the best thing on the internet right now.

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