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If You Need to Poop After Vaping, You Aren't Alone



Similar to coffee, black beans, or Fiber One bars (#tbt), e-cigarettes have a shockingly quick and consistent effect on many smokers' bowels... aka they might make you (as long as you're 18 and up, obviously) desperately have to poop. Because bathroom matters are generally kept private, you may have assumed this only happened to you, however, we're here to reassure you that you aren't alone. S--t does, in fact, happen.

If you happen to be one of many who have wondered why vaping makes you poop, we've done some extensive research looking into this strange phenomenon, so hold it in, and hold that thought — we have all the answers. 

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Some call it 'vooping,' while others simply refer to it as the 'nics--ts.'

Whether you refer to the common occurrence of post-vape pooping as 'vooping,' as Mel Magazine once did, or 'nics--ts,' in total Urban Dictionary fashion, it's a very real thing that happens to most dedicated e-cig smokers. There's an entire Reddit thread titled, "Why does vaping make me poop?' where vapers go to air their grievances about the sometimes smelly side effects of the popular habit, and one user, DeathMagnum, said it best.

"Nicotine is a stimulant, just like caffeine. Your body is constantly moving food, saliva, and fluids through your digestive tract by muscles contractions known as peristalsis," the Reddit user explains in their response. "Ingesting stimulants speeds up the frequency of this process making you need to use the bathroom more often. Never smoke meth after a super filling meal, pretty sure that's how Elvis died."

Well said, DeathMagnum, well said.

Healthline further delves into this, explaining sometimes people use something called a "stimulant laxative" to move things along, doing exactly what it advertises, by "stimulating a contraction" within the bowels. This ultimately pushes out — well — whatever is in there. Since coffee and nicotine are both stimulants, they are thought to have similar effects. Though the direct effects of smoking and pooping have not been confirmed in scientific research, it seems this may be the case.

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The memes about the PVPs — aka, post-vape-poops — are truly legendary.

Clearly, post-vape-pooping is real, guys, and no matter how old we get, we are never going to stop making jokes about what we do behind closed doors. Although this common occurrence may be completely new to you, it turns out there are memes and tweets about vooping are all over the internet. So if you haven't already, make sure to check out a few of our favorite voop jokes below.

Even though talking about pooping, and especially vooping, may seem like a major faux-pas, we're all about discussing what happens after taking a hit from your e-cig early in the morning. Ever wondered why people are so keen on "waking and vaping?" For some, it really starts the day off right. But remember: we're still talking about nicotine, so make sure you smoke responsibly.

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