Did Vincent Gigante Back up His Trash Talk? Or Did He Lose His First Ever Bout?

Vincent Gigante has talked about training as a boxer and how he would decimate opponent Robbie Rose on TikTok. So, how'd he do?

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Dec. 27 2021, Published 9:34 p.m. ET

There are few things that die-hard combat sports fans love to hate more than social media influencers stepping into the boxing ring and taking on opponents who are either over the hill, under their weight class, or simply out-classed when it comes to fighting. These "freak show" fights oftentimes bring it big bucks for those involved (just ask Jake and Logan Paul), so it makes sense why TikToker Vincent Gigante is trying to make a name himself online before stepping into the ring.

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Vincent Gigante is yet another TikTok "wannabe" boxer.

Competing at any level of combat sports requires a certain mental fortitude that should command respect. Stepping in against a trained opponent who's attempting to break your bones and separate you from consciousness is no joke. There are waivers to be signed, commissions to deal with, weight to be made, and not to mention the countless hours of physical duress one has to put their body through to be combat ready.

Of course, there are some of these quick cash grab fights that end up being embarrassing affairs for everyone involved to watch. And then there are other events, like Social Gloves that featured a bunch of TikToker's getting wrecked by YouTubers (and not even getting paid for it) that made headlines for all of the wrong reasons.

TikToker Vincent Gigante seemed very confident heading into his bout against Robbie Anthony Rose.

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In an Instagram post of their face-off leading up to the bout, Vincent posted several photos where he was visibly agitated. He captioned it, "Time to embarrass this bum! ITS [sic] SHOWTIME BABY!"

Vincent would go on to lose his inaugural fight via decision on the Mielnicki Jr. vs. DeLomba card, as per Fox Sports.

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The 18-year-old Vincent posted on his Instagram stories that he disagreed with the decision and feels that considering this was his first fight and Robbie was boxing "for years" before him, that he did way better than the loss on his record suggests.

Source: Instagram / @vincentgigantee
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"For anybody asking if I won…I didn’t lose or win. The judges f--ked me over cuz I showed I was tired in the fourth round. I ate all the punches! But for sure thought that I won with a split decision! And it was my first pro fight ever with no experience. The kid was doing it for years!"

Source: Instagram / @vincentgigantee
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In a follow-up story post, Vincent wrote: "I still own that fight, judges were f--king blind. I clearly buckled the kid a few times…Got robbed. All good though."

Source: Instagram / @vincentgigantee
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The bout took place in Newark, N.J., with a grand total of 12 bouts. Vincent and Robbie's fight was the third bout on the card, and it went for four, two-minute rounds.

The teen is still posting clips of the fight on his social media, and he seems intent on pursuing more boxing training and potentially more fights in the future.

Source: TikTok / @vincentgiganteee

Are you interested in seeing social media stars duke it out in the ring? Or do you think they should stick to making their specific brand of content and leave fighting to the professionals?

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