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Source: YouTube

Vinette Robinson Gives Life to Mary Cratchit in FX's 'A Christmas Carol'


Every holiday season, your favorite creators put out new and interesting versions of some of the classic holiday tales — and this year, there are some exciting twists on old classics. 

Steven Knight, who has worked on other impressive productions like Dirty Pretty Things, Eastern Promises, and Locke, brings a new and interesting take on A Christmas Carol to FX, bringing with it a cast of impressive characters, including actress Vinette Robinson.

Vinette Robinson is set to play Mary Cratchit in A Christmas Carol.

Vinette's character, Mary Cratchit, is usually a minor character in most tellings of A Christmas Carol. In the original story, she's not even named — only mentioned as the wife of Bob Cratchit. 

Bob was a character who was overworked and underpaid by Scrooge and his business partner, Jacob Marley, while he worked for them. In the story, he's meant to represent the lower working class.