Virginia and Erik Faced Glaring Compatibility Issues From Day One of 'MAFS'

Are Virginia and Erik still together from 'Married at First Sight'? The Season 12 couple had some glaring compatibility issues from the start.

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May 13 2021, Updated 10:15 p.m. ET

Virginia and Erik From 'Married at First Sight'
Source: Lifetime

Fans of Married at First Sight watched the Season 12 couples say "I do" to complete strangers — and as the newlyweds continue to discover what they've gotten themselves into, viewers are curious about which couples are still together. Virginia and Erik are among the duos who had obvious compatibility issues from the start. Will their differences help balance each other out? Or will they divorce at the end of the show?

Let's take a closer look at whether Virginia and Erik are still together now.

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Virginia and Erik had compatibility issues going into Season 12 of 'Married at First Sight.'

Erik Lake is a 34-year-old pilot who works for a major airline. Previously, he served in the U.S. Air Force but is now in the Air Force Reserve. Erik's demanding career, which often sees him away for long stretches, has negatively impacted his past relationships — including his first marriage, which ended in divorce three years prior to his appearance on Married at First Sight.

erik lake married at first sight
Source: Lifetime
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"One of my biggest fears is to grow old alone," Erik said on the show. "I'm not afraid of much, but that one right there is very... I think about it all of the time."

Virginia Coombs, meanwhile, is a 26-year-old customer experience specialist who is ready to say, "I do," after five years of being single. Because of her parents' divorce, Virginia has had a habit of pushing away potential love interests out of fear of rejection.

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virginia coombs married at first sight
Source: Lifetime

"Honestly, for a while, I didn't want to date. Seeing so many divorces and whatnot growing up, I just never envisioned my wedding day," she explained on Married at First Sight. "But the more I found out about myself, the more I want that relationship. You know, I want to be with the one and be with him forever. I don't want to keep hopping from relationship to relationship."

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Are Virginia and Erik still together from 'Married at First Sight'?

Their eight-year age difference could be one potential hurdle for Virginia and Erik to overcome — and so could Virginia's trust issues stemming from her parents' divorce.

There's also Virginia's love of partying, considering Erik is more of a traditional, have-a-nice-night-in kind of guy (when he's not off traveling for work, that is). 

"From what I've gathered, she might go out a bit more than I do," Erik said after asking his bride at their wedding reception what she likes to do for fun. "So it's kind of out of my comfort zone."

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virginia erik mafs still together
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Having children is something else Virginia and Erik might have butted heads about.

"I've always been 50/50 on having kids. So that's kind of a concern of mine," Virginia admitted after Erik's mom, Donna, asked about grandchildren.

"He will definitely be a good dad someday," her mother-in-law insisted, to which Virginia replied, "It's definitely going to be a couple of years on that."

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A comment from Virginia's dad offered more insight into how Erik's conservative family ultimately embraced his new wife.

"Believe me, they edit the film the way they want to sway you to think," he reportedly wrote via social media. "Donna immediately fell in love with Virginia. She is a precious girl. Obviously, there was concern prior to the wedding and meeting his future wife. But once you meet Virginia, you love her."

Despite the vast differences in just about everything, Virginia and Erik proved opposites attract and ultimately chose to stay married on Decision Day!

Erik even sealed the deal by offering his bride an engagement ring (and a proposal to stay married).

Watch Married at First Sight: Unmatchables Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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