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Celebrate Easter 2020 With These Seriously Epic Virtual Egg Hunts



While your Easter celebrations have most likely changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are still so many ways you can celebrate with friends and family. 

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No matter your age, these virtual Easter egg hunts will be a great time.

Between watching kid-friendly Easter movies via Netflix Party and hosting zoom Easter brunches, there's no doubt in our minds you'll still be able to celebrate the holiday this year. There are even a number of virtual egg hunts to partake in, so here are a few you should definitely consider tuning into.

Tile's Easter Egg Hunt 2.0

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Locator device, Tile, makes egg hunts easy. Participate by placing up to eight tiles in plastic eggs, and hide them in challenging locations. Your Tile map will give the egg's approximate locations, and if you seriously can't locate any of them in the end, you can use your smartphone. 

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Boca Raton's Virtual Egg Hunt

Families in Boca Raton, Fla. can win various prizes through April 12 by finding eggs across the Boca Raton Recreation Services website, according to My Boca. Kids can test their knowledge of the city and find Easter eggs every day at 11 a.m. ET. Prizes range from VIP parade seating to discounted event tickets, so it definitely isn't something you'll want to miss if you're local.

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Tumwater, Washington Egg Hunt

The City of Tumwater’s Virtual Egg Hunt lasts the entire week leading up to Easter, and luckily, getting involved is simple. Navigate to City of Tumwater's Facebook Events Page, where there will be riddles each day. Those who can answer each riddle about where each egg is located around Tumwater will receive a prize from one of the competition's sponsors.

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Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary Egg Hunt

Any and all "cool cats and kittens" who tune into Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary's Facebook Live stream at 11 a.m. ET on April 12 will not only witness a live tiger feeding, but they will also get the chance to participate in a virtual egg hunt. To participate, according to Kids Out and About, simply count the eggs hidden around each of the enclosures, and enter your prediction at the end. Three lucky participants will be drawn to win a grand prize. 

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Host an egg hunt yourself

Hosting a virtual egg hunt on your own is simple, according to Southern Living, and it allows you to spend time with family without breaking social distancing rules. Start out by inviting participants ahead of time, and write up a series of clues for each egg that you'll be hiding around the house. Send the clues to those participating beforehand so they can hide their eggs in the same spots for their kids (or other adults), and then have everyone phone in at the time of the hunt to read clues aloud and hunt for the hidden eggs.

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Although taking advantage of the warm spring weather and hunting for eggs outside is by far the greatest part of Easter, social distancing is a must right now. So, these virtual egg hunts are bound to bring some festive fun to your home. Just make sure to buy your candy ahead of time — that's the most important part.

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