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Woman Stuck Funny Post-Its All Over Walmart to Lighten the Mood During the Quarantine



If you live in the U.S. right now, chances are you're sheltering in place. That means no non-essential trips out into the world. One outing that remains essential, however, is shopping for groceries and household supplies. Even though it's important to practice social distancing, you still have to buy food for your family.

That means people are clashing in grocery stores and big chains like Walmart. Everyone is on high alert, stressed out, and just trying to stay safe while they shop. The rise in tension has led to fights breaking out over toilet paper, people yelling at store employees, and other avoidable tiffs. 

Amy Cook had an experience of her own that convinced her people who are out shopping these days need a little levity. She wrote about it in a now-viral Facebook post.

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She wrote, "Went to Walmart this morning to fill the cupboards and freezer (also had some old guy behind me in line call me an idiot under his breath knowing I would hear him so I promptly spun around and informed him that I have five children and was only buying a normal amount of GROCERIES)...and decided to spread some cheer and hopefully giggles in this stressful time. 

"My goal was to reach the stressed overworked employees and make them laugh especially with all of the horrible customers they have been dealing with and the exhausting back breaking labor they’ve been putting in to keep the shelves loaded as best they can. 

"To all retail employees, we LOVE and appreciate you and hope for your health and safety! I hope you found these entertaining and not annoying."

Amy wrote and left funny Post-It notes all over the store. Most of them were jokes that had to do with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Seems like a harmless, cute idea to lighten the mood and release some tension. 

I can't imagine what it's like to still have to go out to work every day, to have to come into contact with tons of volatile strangers and possibly expose yourself not only to this virus but to hostility from entitled customers. 

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Amy's post now has over 22,000 reactions and 43,000 shares. Commenters love her tiny effort to bring a smile to people's faces. "This was awesome," one person wrote. "I'm so sharing this. We all need a little laughter these days." 

"Hope it brought some giggles to a stressful day!" another wrote. "We need more thoughtfulness." Indeed, please remember that grocery store workers, food delivery people, and so many others are working so you can get what you need to maintain some sense of normalcy during this time. 

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"Post Malone suspended his tour. Does that make him Postponed Malone?" made me really laugh. I really do hope everyone found these funny and not a pain. 

Amy clearly did this for the right reasons, because she appreciates all the work Walmart employees and so many others are putting in for the rest of us. 

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As Amy's post gained more and more attention, she had to edit her post. "Side note," she wrote, "If you saw these [while] shopping I hope they made you laugh. Please don't run to Walmart just to find them... Practice safety and stay home unless you need groceries. And WASH YO HANDS. Thank you." 

Source: Facebook

That's some good advice. Let the Facebook photos of the notes be good enough for you. Do not try to find out which Walmart Amy went to and go there just to sneak a peek at the viral Post-It notes. Only leave the house when you absolutely need to, unless you're just going outside for a walk or something. 

Be nice to people you see who are still working. More than be nice. Thank them for continuing to be on the front lines during this thing. It's the least we can do. And check out Amy's Facebook post for the rest of her hilarious notes.

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