Will We Ever See Juliette on 'Siesta Key' Again?

Jacqueline Gualtieri - Author

Jul. 14 2021, Published 6:40 p.m. ET

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 4 of Siesta Key.

Did we just see strike three for Juliette Porter? After her explosive fight with Kelsey Owens, it looks like our narrator might have to take a step back from Siesta Key. But Juliette has had altercations on the reality series before. Could this really be the final straw? Or will she be able to get away with it again?

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The July 7 episode of Siesta Key saw Juliette whisked away off the island where the cast spent Season 4, preventing her from having to face Kelsey and come to terms with what happened between them. What we don’t know, though, is if it was her choice to walk away. Was Juliette kicked off Siesta Key?

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Was Juliette fired from 'Siesta Key'?

It seems very unlikely that we’ve seen the end of Juliette on Siesta Key. Following her fight with Kelsey in the episode that aired on June 30, Juliette meets up with her friend Serena Kerrigan, who essentially tells her to grow up, not lay her hands on another woman again, and understand that every action that she makes will affect the business she’s trying to get off the ground, especially violent actions.

Though we previously saw Juliette throw a drink at Kelsey, we didn’t get to see that Juliette actually slapped Kelsey and left her bleeding. But Serena tries to get her to understand that this behavior is indicative of a greater problem that she needs to learn to control. “What if you show at Miami Fashion Week?” Serena asks. “And someone messes something up? Are you gonna slap them? … We need to control this now.”

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When Juliette denies that she needs to work on her issues “right now,” Serena continues to try to get her to understand that this is way bigger than she’s making it out to be. “It is a problem that you need to fix immediately. This is your reputation,” she says.

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Although Serena tells her to deal with her problems, the next episode sees her unexpectedly leave ahead of the rest of the group’s departure from the island. Rather than doing any sort of self-reflection, social media posts lead the other cast members to believe that Juliette’s just partying it up in Miami. With Juliette gone, Kelsey takes over the narrator role.

Despite Juliette’s sudden absence, she’ll be back for the rest of the season. In fact, according to the synopsis for July 21’s episode, fittingly titled “I’m Truly, Truly, Very, Very Sorry,” Juliette will finally try to make amends with Kelsey over what happened. Not only that, but it looks like she may, at last, be done making excuses for why her swimsuit line isn’t progressing.

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But should Juliette be fired?

Fans are divided on whether or not Juliette should be made to leave the show. “So is Juliette gone for good? Because I need to know if I should go with her,” one fan tweeted. Another seconded that sentiment, writing, “Is Juliette not coming back this season? Tell me now so I can take Siesta Key off my DVR.”

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But not everyone thinks that Juliette’s behavior is acceptable. Juliette previously got into a fight with former cast member Chloe Trautman, punching her in the head and pulling her hair. A year prior, she reportedly kicked and punched Cara Geswelli at a bar. “Alex [Kompo] does something wrong and he is kicked off the show BUT Juliette is constantly abusing people and she is still on?? I hope her a-- is gone because she seems to always get away with it. Girl...go away,” one viewer said.

“Juliette deserves to be kicked off the show. I’m disgusted with her at this point. I hope she gets her a-- knocked out one day f--kin with the wrong one!!” another said.

While it doesn’t look like MTV is ready to part ways with Juliette just yet, we’ll have to wait and see if she does really follow Serena’s advice and stop these kinds of violent acts. Catch Siesta Key every Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.

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