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Source: Instagram/Love Island

Here's How to Watch 'Love Island' Season 5 in the U.S.


The British reality dating show, Love Island, is back for Season 5 tonight, June 3. If you've never tuned in to Love Island before, here's the 411: Single people are filmed moving to paradise with the goal of finding love. It's like those fantasies you had about getting stuck on an island with just your 5th grade crush, but in real life. To stay on the "love island" and win, contestants have to genuinely fall in love with each other (and do so convincingly) so that viewers decide who gets to stay and who's booted. Oh, and host Caroline Flack will be unexpectedly popping in to throw "curveballs" at contestants to test how strong their relationships really are.

Since Love Island is a British do people in the U.S. get in on the action and watch?