Here's a Look at the Launch Roster for 'MultiVersus' — and Who Their Voice Actors Are

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Aug. 17 2022, Updated 5:45 p.m. ET

'MultiVersus' banner
Source: Warner Bros. Games

Like Super Smash Bros. and Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl before it, Warner Bros. characters and Cartoon Network stars are throwing hands in MultiVersus, the new and popular free-to-play game by Warner Bros. and Player First Games.

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MultiVersus will emphasize cooperation, allowing teams of two to assist each other using their various movesets. As a free-to-play title, the game will receive regular updates with new skins, special events, and even new characters.

As of Season 1, MultiVersus is already stacked with an incredible lineup of fighters.

Source: Warner Bros. Games

From beloved cartoons to live-action characters, and even straight-up meme fodder, the possibilities for the MultiVersus roster seem to be limitless. Characters are even fully voiced, with many voice actors reprising their classic roles for the game.

Here's the official 'MultiVersus' lineup so far.


batman in multiversus
Source: Warner Bros. Games

The Dark Knight seems to be using plenty of his Bat gadgets to dominate the fight. From grappling hooks to smoke bombs, his classic arsenal already prepares him for any encounter.

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superman in multiversus
Source: Warner Bros. Games

The Son of Krypton shouldn't have any problem in this cartoon kerfuffle. Superman is armed with the power of flight, super strength, ice breath, and laser eyes.

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Wonder Woman

wonder woman in multiversus
Source: Warner Bros. Games

As a powerful warrior from the island of Themyscira, Wonder Woman makes for a formidable MultiVersus fighter. She can use her Lasso of Truth to either pull foes toward her or even save her allies from being pushed over the edge. She can also defend her allies with her mighty shield.

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Harley Quinn

harley quinn in multiversus
Source: Warner Bros. Games

The popular DC antihero is letting loose on the cartoons of Warner Bros. Harley wields a giant hammer and a variety of wacky weapons to wreak havoc.

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MultiVersus isn't afraid to go into full-blown meme territory with Shaggy. While Shaggy takes on opponents with sandwiches and Scooby Snacks that are typical of his character, he can also charge up punches and energy for superpowered combos. That's right, Ultra Instinct Shaggy is now part of the world of fighting games.

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Bugs Bunny

bugs bunny in multiversus
Source: Warner Bros. Games

The long-eared Looney Tunes mascot gets lost on his way to Albuquerque to join the fight in MultiVersus. Bugs uses pie projectiles and cartoon antics as part of his slapstick arsenal.

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Arya Stark

Winter is coming to MultiVersus. In perhaps one of the most shocking additions to the platform fighter, Arya Stark from Game of Thrones is joining the fight. As a venerable wolf of Winterfell, she wields her trusty Needle to dance like water around her enemies.

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Jake the Dog

jake the dog in multiversus
Source: Warner Bros. Games

The shape-shifting dog of Adventure Time is part of the epic brawl. With his malleable body, Jake is able to change into things like a giant house or stretch his punches to reach enemies from afar.

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Finn the Human

finn the human in multiversus
Source: Warner Bros. Games

Of course, Jake wouldn't be caught without his trusty partner. Jake joins the fight wielding his trusty sword and a backpack full of goodies.

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Steven Universe

steven universe in multiversus
Source: Warner Bros. Games

The happy-go-lucky gem kid makes for the perfect teammate in a platform fighter. Steven can use his trusty Shield to defend himself or his allies from harm.

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As the leader of the Crystal Gems and a fusion made of love, Garnet is ready to toss her hat in the ring. Anyone who tries to mess with her will have to watch out for her heavy Gauntlets.

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Tom and Jerry

tom and jerry in multiversus
Source: Warner Bros. Games

The destructive duo can always be seen fighting each other, and now the roster of MultiVersus is about to get caught up in their endless struggle. Their moveset mainly consists of Tom trying to hit Jerry and hitting their opponents in the process.

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As a completely original character, Reindog can be considered an unofficial mascot of MultiVersus. Reindog can act as a projectile to be thrown at opponents and also has a special tether that he can use to save his teammates from being thrown off the edge.

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LeBron James

It would appear that even real-life celebrities can make it into the game as well with the arrival of this professional basketball player. Emulating his appearance in Space Jam: A New Legacy, LeBron uses his unparalleled basketball skills to dunk all over his foes.

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The Iron Giant

Though the Iron Giant learns the meaning of peace in his original movie, he isn't afraid to throw down in the MultiVersus ring. His character is massive and uses a ton of different heavy armaments to devastate opponents.

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Velma Dinkley

Jinkies! Out of all the characters in the current roster, Velma Dinkley has to be the most unique. Along with an arsenal of sassy word bubbles as attacks, the Scooby-Doo character can also collect evidence placed throughout the stage that can strengthen her attacks.

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Tazmanian Devil

This wacky brute of a tune can really take opponents for a spin! His tornado move can hit fast and hard, and if he stacks enough debuffs on an opponent, he can temporarily turn them into a chicken without any of their usual moves.

Other characters joining Season 1 of the game include Rick Sanchez, Morty Sanchez, Black Adam, and Stripe from the Gremlins film series.

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And there are even more characters:

That's right — there's more!

Other characters joining Season 1 of the game include Rick Sanchez, Morty Sanchez, Black Adam, and Stripe from the Gremlins film series.

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The voice actors of 'MultiVersus' bring accuracy to the insanity.

As stated in their announcement trailer, the team at Player First Games is dedicated to making its roster of classic characters "as close to a 1-to-1 representation as possible." This is apparent in movesets, music, and above all, voice acting! Many characters in MultiVersus are portrayed by their original actors, be they recognizable voice talents reprising their roles to actual live-action actors returning to bring life to their iconic characters. Here's who's in the cast so far.

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(Bold denotes an actor reprising their roles)

  • Kevin Conroy as Batman
  • George Newbern as Superman
  • Abby Trott as Wonder Woman
  • Tara Strong as Harley Quinn
  • Matthew Lillard as Shaggy
  • Eric Bauza as Bugs Bunny and Tom & Jerry
  • Maisie Williams as Arya Stark
  • Jeremy Shada as Finn the Human
  • John DiMaggio as Jake the Dog
  • Daniel Divinere as Steven Universe
  • Estelle as Garnet
  • Jim Cummings as Tazmanian Devil
  • Iron Giant as Johnathan Lipow
  • Andrew Frankel as Reindog
  • Kate Micucci as Velma
  • John Eric Bentley as LeBron James
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Here are the characters we want to see in the game soon, starting with Animaniacs.

The Animaniacs
Source: Hulu

The Warner Brothers and the Warner Sister are three agents of cartoon chaos wrapped up in adorable little packages. Though they could appear individually, the inclusion of Tom and Jerry as one character means that playing as all of them at once might not be impossible.

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We also want to see Scorpion (Mortal Kombat).

scorpion from mortal kombat
Source: Mortal Kombat

The classic Mortal Kombat character is never far from a fight. If someone as violent as Arya Stark can make it in, then there's no reason that Scorpion can't just "get over here" already.

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And we're hoping for Samurai Jack.

The samurai lost in time is an expert with all kinds of weapons, including his magical katana forged to slay evil. Just imagine the kind of combos you'd be able to pull off with Jack in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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