We Tried That: Icee Blue Raspberry Peeps Are As Strange as They Sound, TBH

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Jan. 5 2024, Published 1:20 p.m. ET

Icee Blue Rasp Berry Peeps
Source: Peeps Brand

Some foods just don't need to collab with others in order to get attention. And, whether you're a lover of those marshmallow Peeps or not, you may feel the same about the brand mixing with Icee to give customers a new kind of flavor called Icee Blue Raspberry Peeps. If the name sounds off, trust us, we're there with you. But we tried the Icee Blue Raspberry Peeps to see if maybe, possibly, we were wrong about the flavor being just too weird to be good.

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Yes, we know, Peeps have been coming out with outrageous flavor combinations for years. While there are plenty of us who still aren't wild about the fluffy marshmallow birds coated in a crunchy sugar mixture, others go to bat for these things hard. Maybe that's who these Icee Peeps are for. Regardless, we have all you need to know about the taste, texture, and the blue color that doesn't quite leave your lips afterward.

Peeps original flavor
Source: Peeps Brand
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We tried Icee Blue Raspberry Peeps.

Unless you're one of those die hard Peeps fans, the Icee Blue Raspberry Peeps probably aren't for you. As in, you are definitely not the demographic they're after. We're thinking some sugar-loving toddlers or school-aged kids may be the ones who are into mixing the flavor of blue raspberry Icee with marshmallow Peeps.

Because when we tried the Icee Blue Raspberry Peeps, the flavor was pretty much what we had expected. There is the distinct flavor associated with the blue Icee frozen drink, along with the texture of crunchy, then soft and fluffy Peeps. To be honest, the texture is totally fine, but the addition of a fruity flavor with the marshmallow just isn't the most mouth-watering thing.

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Icee Blue Raspberry Peeps
Source: Distractify

However, like we said, if you already stan Peeps, this flavor could be one you love, like all the flavor combinations that came before it. If you're one of those people who love to try the new flavors every time the brand rolls out with one, then you'll probably enjoy the Icee Blue Raspberry Peeps. But, to be clear, we definitely didn't get through the whole pack.

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What other Peeps flavors are there?

Peeps come in all sorts of colors and even shapes, since there are now Peeps bunnies that are rolled out for each Easter season. And the flavors have run the gambit, from Dr. Pepper Peeps (say that five times fast) to Sour Watermelon Peeps. Some, like the Peeps with chocolate or a s'more flavor, are definitely more palatable than others.

But there are always those strange flavor combinations that you just can't ignore. You can find Icee Blue Raspberry Peeps at Target locations nationwide for $2.69 for a pack of 15 of these distinctly blue-colored baby birds.

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