We Tried That: Rillrrnnn Spears From 'Star Wars: The Ultimate Cookbook' Are a Wookie Fave (EXCLUSIVE)

We tried an exclusive recipe for Rillrrnnn Spears from 'Star Wars: The Ultimate Cookbook,' an official book of dishes inspired by the franchise.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Sep. 5 2023, Published 2:16 p.m. ET

Star Wars cookbook
Source: Insight Editions

I may not know the Wookie word for “recipe,” but that didn’t stop me from trying out a Wookie-inspired dish from Star Wars: The Ultimate Cookbook: The Official Guide to Cooking Your Way Through the Galaxy. The Star Wars cookbook, from a long line of other books in the same vein with different recipes, will be released on Oct. 10. But we were given the chance to try an exclusive recipe from the book.

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The book itself runs the gamut in terms of what it offers the most inexperienced and more well-seasoned (no pun intended) chef. From simple drinks to more complicated baked goods that may or may not turn out exactly like the photos, the Star Wars cookbook has plenty of themed dishes to try out. For me, I opted for the Rillrrnnn Spears, which are inspired by the Wookie home planet, Kashyyyk.

Rillrrnnn Spears in the Star Wars cookbook
Source: Insight Editions
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We tried Rillrrnnn Spears from 'Star Wars: The Ultimate Cookbook.'

The book is written from the perspective of Chef Strono Tuggs, or Cookie, who Star Wars fans would know by name or by appearance. According to the character’s recipe in the cookbook, the Rillrrnnn Spears are a perfect homage to a popular dish that Wookies love. The spears are actually small piles of asparagus stalks wrapped in prosciutto and wrapped again in puff pastry. And it’s the “human” version of something the Wookies apparently love.

"There's a plant that grows on Kashyyyk called Rillrrnnn,” the chef says in the cookbook. “It has a nice snap to it when served raw, but this Wookiee told me — via his translatin' vocoder — how his clan wraps Rillrrnnn Spears in thin strips of cured meat and a soft dough made from Kashyyykion grains. After addin' a little seasonin', they bake up into a perfect single bite. Well, a single bite for him. Wookiees have huge mouths, remember."

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Rillrrnnn Spears ingredients
Source: Distractify

Let me be very clear right now. I have never been one to seek out asparagus. It just isn’t my thing in comparison to tons of other vegetables. But this dish was so good that I ate four of these bundles of spears myself and left no crumbs. Like literally, I ate the crumbs.

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The prosciutto comes out of the oven tasting more like bacon but without the grease, and the puff pastry’s buttery flavor mixes with the asparagus, which adds a slight snap. Plus, the spears look incredibly fancy, when in reality, they took minutes to assemble.

Rillrrnnn Spears from Star Wars cookbook
Source: Distractify

When does the 'Star Wars' cookbook come out and where can you buy it?

While we were given an exclusive peek at Star Wars: The Ultimate Cookbook: The Official Guide to Cooking Your Way Through the Galaxy, the cookbook doesn't come out until Oct. 10. You can pre-order it now on Amazon for a few dollars less than its $39.99 list price. And for that, you get more than 80 recipes to try out for yourself, including the Rillrrnnn Spears that I already want to whip up again. May the Force be with you.

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