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Guest Flips out After Not Receiving a Thank-You Card a Few Weeks After a Wedding


Dec. 12 2019, Updated 3:38 p.m. ET

When you get married, you spend a lot of time worrying about making sure your family is happy and your guests are happy. Once the wedding is over, it's smooth sailing! Right? Wrong. Not for one couple, at least. You are definitely supposed to send thank-you notes for the gifts you receive at your wedding. But technically, you have a year to get them out.

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We all know it's a commitment to sit down and write out thank-you cards, and often, right after your wedding, especially if you immediately take a honeymoon, you spend a few weeks or even a couple months recovering, getting back into the swing of things, and settling down in your new life as a married couple. So it's understandable when thank-you cards don't go out immediately. Well, most people understand that. One couple recently faced the wrath of a wedding guest who was extremely offended that he didn't receive a thank-you note, even though the wedding had just happened a few weeks ago.

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This image, which was posted to the Wedding Shaming subreddit, it definitely cursed. Who does this?! Has this person never been to a wedding before? Received or given a gift?! You have to give people a reasonable amount of time to send a thank-you note! And even if they never send one, you don't print out a mean message, cut the piece of paper, tape it to a blank card, and send it to them. It's psychotic!

This poor couple seems like they've been through a lot since their wedding. These events might be magical, but believe me, it's a hard turn back to reality the next Monday, when everything's back to normal. It can take time to get thank-you notes out, and that's totally fine. In fact, most people I know send them a couple months after the wedding. And that's totally acceptable.

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So many wedding horror stories are focused on the brides, the grooms, and their parents. You don't realize how terribly one bad wedding guest can ruin the whole night...until you end up on the Wedding Shaming subreddit, that is. There is no shortage of stories about terrible people who should never ever be invited to another wedding ever again, like this next guy.

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This seems too crazy to be true, but it is. The best man, who happened to be the groom's brother, punched his brand-new sister-in-law and dragged her down the stairs in a drunken rage during the reception. He was reportedly angry that she suggested her new husband go to bed because he was drunk. 

How completely messed up is that? It does seem like there was maybe a bit of familial drama going on there. This should make for one awkward Christmas reunion. But sometimes, awful wedding guests aren't related to either of the families at all, and that almost seems worse, somehow. 

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One story provided by MarvelGirlie, explains that there was a woman at a wedding she once attended who "was a bad friend to start with and generally a rude guest." She complained that she didn't like the meal option she chose after she saw someone else's and demanded a different meal. But there were no extras, so she sulked the whole time. She stole bottles of wine from the table and took them to her hotel room. 

But the craziest thing was that she had her kid with her, but they were sick, so she left them in the hotel room. Alone. For six hours. While she partied and got drunk at this wedding. She writes that the woman had a "baby monitor she carried around but ended up leaving it on the bar, on a table next to the dance floor, anywhere but in her hands." This makes me question how old her kid was that she still needed a baby monitor! Sounds like this woman really stole the show by being completely horrendous!

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wedding guests
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The rudeness doesn't end! In another post, a woman explains that she and her husband's baby daughter has a severe milk allergy, so their wedding was completely vegan for safety reasons. Her Uncle Steve was not having it when he learned that was the plan. Steve's wife called furious, claiming she couldn't eat vegan "because she was allergic to anything derived from a vegetable," which is improbable and something she'd never mentioned before. 

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Then Steve called and demanded to be fed "a plate of nothing but meat." When she refused, he accused her of child abuse for not giving her daughter dairy and ranted for 10 minutes about how she was stifling his freedom. Then came handwritten letters, diatribes, spouting all the same hate. What kind of person hates their family...and vegetables...that much?!

You want your wedding to be the best day of your life! You want it to be nothing but joyful and fun for everybody. And then afterward, you want to decompress for a bit before you become a thank-you note writing robot. But some people just make it so dang hard and expect too much. To those people, I say, "Cool it!" And to anyone dealing with people like this, I say, "Cut 'em out of your lives!"

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