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Source: iStock Photo

Guest Flips out After Not Receiving a Thank-You Card a Few Weeks After a Wedding


When you get married, you spend a lot of time worrying about making sure your family is happy and your guests are happy. Once the wedding is over, it's smooth sailing! Right? Wrong. Not for one couple, at least. You are definitely supposed to send thank-you notes for the gifts you receive at your wedding. But technically, you have a year to get them out.

We all know it's a commitment to sit down and write out thank-you cards, and often, right after your wedding, especially if you immediately take a honeymoon, you spend a few weeks or even a couple months recovering, getting back into the swing of things, and settling down in your new life as a married couple. So it's understandable when thank-you cards don't go out immediately. Well, most people understand that. One couple recently faced the wrath of a wedding guest who was extremely offended that he didn't receive a thank-you note, even though the wedding had just happened a few weeks ago.

Source: Reddit