West Elm Caleb Is Going Viral on TikTok for Ghosting Women After Dates


Jan. 19 2022, Published 11:30 a.m. ET

Going viral on TikTok can be great, but it's not always a good thing. Sometimes, people go viral for doing things that are evidence of a pattern of bad behavior, and that's exactly what's happened to a man TikTok users are now referring to as West Elm Caleb. Caleb has developed something of a negative reputation on TikTok and other platforms for ghosting women after just a few dates.

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Who is West Elm Caleb?

West Elm Caleb, whose real name is Caleb Hunter, is going viral because of a community of women in the New York City area who have been on one or two dates with him. Caleb meets these women through the dating app Hinge, and it's clear that he has a pattern of taking them out for one or two dates and then totally ghosting them, severing contact forever. Caleb has also been accused of lying to the women he dates, or of dating many women at the same time.

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Modern dating has made ghosting a much more common occurrence, but what has made Caleb so remarkable is the number of women he has ghosted, which clearly totals more than 20. Now, Caleb's reputation as a terrible dater is spreading online, and memes are already forming based on the idea that he's representative of how many young men in New York act.

Why is he called West Elm Caleb?

Caleb earned his somewhat unique nickname because he apparently works as a furniture designer at West Elm. Some on social media have even tagged the company, hoping to make Caleb's employer aware of how he behaves on dates. Caleb is currently 25, and many of the videos that discuss him also feature images of his Hinge profile as a way to spread the word about avoiding a match with him.

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Thanks to the collaborative work of many women on TikTok and other platforms, Caleb has been called out pretty publicly for his bad behavior. He may find that it's much harder to get matches on Hinge now that he has accumulated such a terrible reputation.

Although some details of Caleb's life have been revealed, internet sleuths have yet to find any other social media accounts he may have.

Source: Twitter
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Even though he's at the center of an internet firestorm, it's unclear whether Caleb is even aware that he's been called out so publicly online. If he is, he certainly hasn't issued any sort of response or made an attempt to clarify his perceived bad behavior. In the vortex left by his lack of response, plenty of people have taken to Twitter to react to the stories they're hearing about him.

"U want me to date??? a man??? in nyc????? What if he’s the next West Elm Caleb I can’t deal with that," one person wrote.

"I feel like the West Elm Caleb girlies need their own trauma bonding girlies group chat," another added.

Clearly, the internet does not think fondly of Caleb's behavior.

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