'Westworld' Season 3 Has a Premiere Date — Here Are Our Plot Predictions

'Westworld,' Season 3, officially has a premiere date, so we've rounded up a few of the best theories. They're totally going to blow your mind.

Lizzy Rosenberg - Author

Jan. 14 2020, Updated 2:24 p.m. ET

It's been almost two full years since HBO's Emmy-Award-winning sci-fi drama, Westworld, wrapped up its second season back in June 2018, and to be honest, I was starting to lose hope for another installment. But HBO dropped an official teaser and premiere date for Season 3, and needless to say, I can hardly contain myself. According to TVLine, it's premiering on Sunday, March 15, so mark your calendars, and most importantly, grab your safety blankets — the teaser is bone-chilling. 

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With the looming premiere of the third season, however, you're probably trying to guess what could happen next. For example, what does the future hold for the already-awakened hosts? And what will Dolores do next? Here are a few of Reddit's Westworld Season 3 theories, and fair warning, friends: spoilers ahead.

First, take a look at the Westworld Season 3 trailer:

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Now, we have Theory 1: Host Arnold has taken over Host Hale's body.

Last season, Dolores' stream of consciousness was removed from Charlotte Hale's body. Therefore, Reddit user u/byrd82 has deduced that Hale's host body will be taken over by Dolores' version of Host Arnold, whom she may have trained in the past. Arnold had disappeared from Westworld, and was occupying a different host, but Host Arnold is supposedly "The Passenger," and will likely play a huge part in the Season 3 plotline, to ultimately destroy Delos.

When Dolores took over Hale's body, she unveiled Host Arnold and took his pearl, planning ahead to eventually leave Westworld. Many believe this was a huge clue. She is now able to dive into his consciousness, and since Dolores and Bernard were in Arnold's home at the end of the Season 2 finale, we can't help but wonder how they found and accessed it, or who built their new bodies. 

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Theory 2: Humans are going to fight the AI viral infection.

The AI viral infection is a serious problem, which u/bjcarter_18 believes humans will focus on combating this season. According to the Reddit users' theory, Dolores now uses the phased array to send her consciousness — as well as that of other hosts — to the satellite. From there, it will most likely be downloaded onto the Delos computer systems. 

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From that point, the Host AI will probably try to mess with the internet connection, as well as the entire computer system. Ford could end up getting involved by amplifying the transmission, and from that point on, the plot will predominantly focus on how humans are attempting to fight the AI virus. 

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Theory 3: Dolores inserted a duplicate brain into her own body.

Then, there are some pretty "out there" theories, like the one that there might actually be two copies of Dolores. In fact, Reddit user u/matt111199 believes that Dolores put a copy of her mind into her own body, which would mean there are effectively two Dolores’s. And that would explain why they seem so... close?

Reddit user U/urge_Reddit supported this theory, explaining that they could both be two separate copies of Dolores — while Tessalores initially has similar Dolores qualities, it seems like she's able to develop her own personality and mind, based on her experiences. But ultimately, Evan Rachel Wood would be the OG main Dolores.

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Regardless of what happens next season, the teaser is truly jaw-dropping. To be honest, March 2020 couldn't come sooner.

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