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Source: Getty Images

"FikFoks" Are Like the Finstas of TikTok — Except They Still Bring in Revenue for Creators


Social media frequently comes with this unwanted pressure to perform well, especially for the influencers who make their living on those apps. When you've got millions of users seeing your every post, the need to optimize your content becomes critical.

This is no different for TikTok influencers, who consider everything from the right hashtags to their time of posting.

To counter the pressure they face with every post, some of the app's top influencers have created "FikFoks."

What is a FikFok?

FikFoks are inspired by Finstas, or "fake Instagrams." These "fake TikToks" are meant to be a place for influencers to let loose a little and post what they want instead of worrying about maintaining their brand. Usually, Finstas are set to private and only those close to the person can follow the account. FikFoks aren't awarded that same privacy, and instead are also public accounts.