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Source: Netflix

Lindsay Haugen Says That Her Boyfriend Asked to Be Murdered


In the opening for the first episode of I Am a Killer Season 2, it is revealed that less than 10% of murder convictions each year are from women. One of these women is Lindsay Haugen, who was convicted of murdering her boyfriend, Robby Mast, in 2015. The hit Netflix series chronicles the stories of convicted killers who have admitted to their crimes. It provides sinister insight into how a killer thinks, and the various ways in which they either try to justify or apologize for their crimes. 

While her case looked to be a typical case of domestic violence, or even a romance gone sour, Haugen has since claimed that she killed her boyfriend because he wanted her to.

The case is unlike any other, which is why it made for the fascinating first case in the show's second season. What did Lindsay Haugen do? We have the details on the slaying that put her in jail, and how she claims the case isn't even close to what it seems.