What Happened With Martha and the Rabbits in 'The Wilds'? It Left Martha Catatonic

Martha never quite lost her sense of optimism in 'The Wilds' until a distressing incident with a group of rabbits. What did Martha do to the rabbits?

Katherine Stinson - Author

May 16 2022, Published 4:07 p.m. ET

Martha Blackburn (Jenna Clause)
Source: Prime Video

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 2, Episodes 6-7 of The Wilds on Prime Video.

Martha Blackburn (Jenna Clause) is one of the kindest survivors in the "Dawn of Eve" control group on The Wilds. She's an eternal optimist, and proud of her Native American heritage.

Before Martha landed on the island with the rest of the girls, she was a vegetarian. Ironically, Martha ends up becoming the designated hunter of the group as they continued to survive on the island.

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Sadly, Martha's love for animals leads to one of The Wilds Season 2's most devastating moments. What did Martha do to the rabbits? And why did the incident leave her in a catatonic state?

(L-R) Martha (Jenna Clause) and Toni (Erana James)
Source: Prime Video

Toni tries to comfort Martha.

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What did Martha do to the rabbits in 'The Wilds'?

Martha understands the best way to hunt is to be efficient so the animals don't suffer. She is distressed in The Wilds Season 2, Episode 6 when she discovers that a rabbit got its leg caught in one of her traps.

The rabbit managed to break free but lost a leg in the process. Martha is (understandably) distraught when she sees the rabbit's babies feeding on their dying mother.

Obviously, this incident isn't Martha's fault, but she doesn't see it that way. She makes her way back to the camp, fully immersed in a nervous breakdown. The girls try to get her to breathe, but Martha exclaims that she's not hunting but hurting innocent animals.

She calls herself a monster and runs off after Toni (Erana James) tries to soothe her. Toni had promised Martha that they'd look for the baby bunnies but Martha gets to them first. She kills all of the bunnies herself.

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What happens to Martha after the rabbit incident?

Toni and the girls find Martha covered in blood, staring blankly ahead. She's not dead, but she's clearly in a catatonic state, unresponsive to everything around her. The girls keep a protective watch on Martha, and Rachel (Reign Edwards) notes that her heart rate is stable.

However, Martha is still catatonic in the Season 2 finale of The Wilds. As Dot (Shannon Berry), Rachel, and Toni keep watch over Martha in the hot spring, Toni asks Dot what she can do to get Martha to come back.

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Dot wisely suggests that Toni needs to take care of herself in order to be there for others. What does she want? Toni says she wants to scream her lungs out, so all three girls let off some scream steam.

In that moment of emotional catharsis, Toni feels Martha squeeze her hand. She's alive.

(L-R) Martha (Jenna Clause), Toni (Erana James) and Rachel (Reign Edwards)
Source: Prime Video

The girls keep watch over Martha.

Once the timelines finally converge in the present, and the boys and girls of both control groups finally meet, Martha emerges. She's no longer in her catatonic state, but sadly we don't learn how she finally healed before Season 2 ends.

Hopefully, Prime Video renews The Wilds for a third season sooner rather than later! You can stream The Wilds Season 2 now on Prime Video.

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