Andy Cohen's "Bad Leather" Comment Was Incredibly Shady on the 'RHOSLC' Reunion

Sara Belcher - Author

Jan. 11 2024, Published 5:28 p.m. ET

It's been a wild fourth season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, and though Jen Shah was absent this season as she serves prison time, the women kept it just as entertaining as previous seasons.

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The reunion for Season 4 takes place over three parts — because the drama is enough to span multiple episodes. Though Monica Garcia was the center of much of the controversy between the housewives this season, Heather Gay, Whitney Rose, and Lisa Barlow were a trio to be reckoned with.

The 'RHOSLC' Season 4 cast
Source: Bravo
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During a preview of the RHOSLC reunion episode, host Andy Cohen asked Heather and Lisa if together they were "bad leather" — a comment that Whitney then called "the shadiest thing you've ever said." But what did the host mean when he called the two women "bad leather"? It seems before Heather, Lisa, and Whitney were holding hands and praying in an elevator, they weren't the best of friends.

What did Andy Cohen mean when he called Heather and Lisa "bad leather"?

This season of RHOSLC has seen some messy moments between the cast members, and though Whitney has tried to smooth things out between her and the other housewives, it hasn't always been easy. In the preview, she called out Lisa for continuously avoiding the other women after a confrontation, and though Lisa did not take the critique lightly, Whitney tried to remind her friend that the mature thing to do is communicate that she's taking space.

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"I hate when my intentions are so misinterpreted," Lisa begins. "It's like I just speak a different language and I think it's like, east coast west coast."

"It's actually when you ignore us after a confrontation," Whitney clarifies. "After a confrontation happens, you don't respond to texts, you start like creating distance. That's when it becomes very difficult."

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"But as your friend, can you just say 'I need space, I'll talk when I'm ready'?" Whitney tries to remind her.

Lisa conceded before Andy asked about the pair's friendship. Heather confirmed that Lisa will consistently talk about how close she is with Whitney, despite the conflicts, prompting Andy to ask Heather and Lisa "Does that make you two bad leather?"

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This comment seems to come from Lisa's previous shade thrown at Heather and Whitney's friendship. According to a Redditor, before Lisa and Whitney were close, she would call the pair "bad weather."

"I believe Lisa called Whitney and Heather bad weather. W eather. Their [names] together. When she wasn’t a fan of either of them," the commenter said.

Now that Heather and Lisa are also friends, Andy is acknowledging the former nickname given to Heather and Whitney. Whitney ultimately laughed off the comment Andy threw at them, while Heather retorted that the pair are more like "good leather."

Whether or not Andy will throw out lower blows remains to be seen, but RHOSLC fans will have to tune into the other parts of the reunion when they airs on Bravo.

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