January 9 Is Apparently a Significant Day on TikTok — Here's Why


Jan. 9 2023, Published 9:53 a.m. ET

Over its relatively brief history, a number of dates have been highlighted as having particular importance on TikTok. Most recently, many users may have seen a number of videos that seem to reference Jan. 9, and wondered why that date seems to be so important on TikTok.

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If you're one of the people confused about Jan. 9, we've done some digging to answer your most burning questions. Keep reading for all the details.

What does January 9 mean on TikTok?

Since 2023 began, many TikTok users have been giving an eerie significance to Jan. 9, suggesting that the day is going to come with some level of misery. Many of the videos feature the sound of an iPhone alarm and a clip of someone from a movie or TV show looking upset. This has naturally led many people to dread the date, even if they aren't totally sure what they're so scared of.

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As users have begun explaining, though, most people are talking about Jan. 9 with dread because it's the day that their winter break ends and they're forced to return to classes. This isn't the date that everyone's winter break ends, but it appears to be true for enough people that it started trending across TikTok. Most people seem to be dreading Jan. 9 in part because it's the day they'll have to start waking up early again.

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Some users have even discussed how much they hate the sounds of their alarm in the comments, or the various times they'll need to wake up on Jan. 9 in order to get to their classes or their other activities on time. It isn't a competition, but there are clearly going to be plenty of exhausted college-age kids struggling to make their early morning classes on Jan. 9.

January 9 was trending on TikTok in 2022 as well.

Jan. 9 seems to be a popular day on TikTok, as many people were looking forward to it last year as well for a different reason. Last year, the second season of Euphoria premiered on Jan. 9, so if you catch an older video discussing Jan. 9, it may actually be about the return of one of HBO's most popular shows. Unfortunately, the third season doesn't seem to be coming in the immediate future.

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Other dates have also trended on TikTok in the past.

It isn't uncommon for a particular date to start trending on TikTok for one reason or another. Dates like March 7 and Oct. 3 trended on TikTok in 2022, and those dates trended for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes the dates are random, sometimes they have an astrological significance, and sometimes they have real-world significance.

The only thing that's guaranteed when a date starts trending on TikTok, though, is that plenty of people are going to be curious and confused about it. Fortunately, dates that are highly anticipated on TikTok don't usually have a ton of significance in the world outside the app.

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