Why Are You Seeing "Nice Try, Diddy" Comments All Over the Internet?

Here's why you're seeing the seemingly random phrase everywhere.

Elissa Noblitt - Author

Jul. 5 2024, Updated 11:13 a.m. ET

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If you're anything like us, keeping up with internet lingo can be exhausting. From "English or Spanish" to "interlinked" to "gooning," there's no telling what strange word or phrase will go viral next — and unless you're scrolling through social media 24/7, you might need someone to explain it all to you.

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The newest mysterious phrase to go viral is "Nice Try, Diddy." And yes, it is referring to the Diddy you're thinking of. But what does the spam phrase, which has been plastered all over the comments sections of seemingly random videos and posts, actually even mean? What does Diddy have to do with all of this?

Here's what we know.

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What does "Nice Try, Diddy" mean?

"Nice Try, Diddy," is a brand new meme, or "brain rot," as the kids are calling it these days, that invokes Sean "Diddy" Combs. You may have seen the phrase commented on any number of videos or posts on social media, from movie trailers to mobile game ads, but what does controversial star P Diddy have to do with any of those things?

Well, according to Know Your Meme, many speculate that "it's a joke about Diddy trying to be involved in seemingly everything, perhaps due to his status as an entrepreneur or to pay off the numerous lawsuits surrounding him at the time."

Of course, Diddy has been involved in plenty of controversy as of late, with one of his homes recently being raided by police.

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The spam meme has found its way to numerous seemingly unrelated posts, including a trailer for the Pharrell Williams LEGO movie, Piece by Piece, as well as several mobile app advertisements, and even a Call of Duty trailer.

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One Reddit user, @xInfinity962, shared their own interpretation of the meme: "The 'nice try Diddy' comments on things are part of a meme where people joke about P Diddy trying to be involved in everything, following raids on his homes. It's a silly internet joke implying he's trying to sneak into unrelated situations, like the game's release."

Another Reddit user in the thread suggested it may be a spoof on the "Nice Try Feds" meme, which was similarly used as comment spam. As explained by Know Your Meme, "The joke in that case was that sketchy mobile game ads were the work of law enforcement to try and trap criminals. Diddy is being referred to as a 'Fed' due to a conspiracy pushed by Kanye Wes that Diddy has cooperated with law enforcement to blackmail criminals with information he knows."

If this still makes absolutely no sense to you, don't worry — you're not alone.

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