What Does Drake and SZA's Track "Slime You Out" Mean? The Phrase, Explained

Drake and SZA's September 2023 track "Slime You Out" has some fans wondering what the title of the song means, and where it originally comes from.


Oct. 12 2023, Published 12:26 p.m. ET

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The Gist:

  • Drake and SZA's September 2023 collaboration "Slime You Out" has made many people confused about what the phrase means.
  • The phrase refers to using someone for sex and then tossing them aside, and also has other similar meanings outside of the sexual context.
  • Drake and SZA use the song to talk about the toxic behavior of their exes.
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Music has always been one of the best ways that people learn new phrases or terms. Sometimes, the phrase is created by the musician, and other times, the musician just popularizes it. One phrase that has some fans confused is "Slime You Out," which also happens to be the title of Drake and SZA's September 2023 collaboration.

Following the release of the track, and Drake's full album a few weeks later, many wanted to learn more about what the song's title means, and why it's appropriate for the song.

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What does "Slime You Out" mean?

As the lyrics to the song suggest, "Slime You Out" refers to the notion of being used for sex and then tossed aside. As Genius's page for the lyrics explain, “on the track, both SZA and Drake cruise over topics of being used by their ex-lovers, while sharing their own personal feelings, revealing their malicious tendencies towards the opposite gender.”

Although Drake and SZA are using it in a specific sexual context, the term also applies to screwing someone over more generally.

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In general, then, "Slime You Out" refers to doing someone dirty, and Drake and SZA use the phrase as a way to examine the bad behavior their exes have displayed in the past. The song is a reminder about the importance of recognizing your own value and worth, and refusing to tolerate bad behavior from a partner who doesn't have the same level of emotional investment that you do.

Drake and SZA dated back in 2009.

Although Drake and SZA are strictly collaborators on this track, they have been romantically linked in the past. The two dated for a brief time back in 2009, which means that it's safe to say all of that is in the distant past.

In fact, the relationship between the two doesn't come up at all in "Slime You Out." Instead, the song is focused on the bad behavior they experienced in former relationships with other people.

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In the case of "Slime You Out," it seems like Drake and SZA didn't invent the phrase, but they certainly have brought it to a much broader audience through this song. "Slime You Out" may sound like something that comes straight out of the Kids' Choice Awards, but it seems that the phrase actually refers to something much more adult and profane.

SZA and Drake are singing about the ways they've been hurt in the past, and "Slime You Out" is a song about that pain. Breakup songs have long been a specialty of Drake's so it's only fitting that he would co-write a song like this.

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