Ranboo Recently Came out on Twitter by Tweeting /srs, but What Does That Mean?

Ranboo recently tweeted out "/srs," leading many to wonder what the phrase means on Twitter and why the influencer had decided to post it.


Apr. 25 2022, Published 10:41 a.m. ET

Influencers almost always have to reveal a part of their personality in order to gain a following online. Ultimately, though, they can be pretty selective about the details that they reveal about themselves and their actual lives. Ranboo, a popular gamer and YouTuber, has been fairly private thus far in his interactions with fans. Just recently, though, the influencer took to Twitter to unveil his sexuality.

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What does /srs mean on Twitter?

Ranboo recently tweeted out the simple phrase "/srs" on Twitter, and the post got massive amounts of engagement. Even as many users began to celebrate his coming out, though, others were confused about what the phrase meant. In order to fully explain that, though, we have to explore some of his earlier posts, in which he seems to be continuously teasing his followers about his sexuality.

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In an April 1 post, he simply wrote "men," and he also wrote "with the bf" over a recent picture of himself sitting with a statue. Of course, many of Ranboo's posts are designed as jokes, which only makes the task of discerning whether his posts are serious more difficult. People had been speculating that he liked men for some time, but it was ultimately his tweet of "/srs" that confirmed it.

As it turns out, "/srs" just means serious or seriously, and it was how many people knew for sure that he actually was gay. Following up on the simple post, Ranboo wrote a couple of longer messages in which he thanked his followers for the support they had offered him.

“Yo just wanted to say thanks for all the support with everything and tonight lol have been wanting to do that for a while tonight just lined up well," he wrote.

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“And for those confused basically I guess I am technically unlabeled as the way I have kinda always gone around life just being attracted to whoever I am attracted to it just so happens that most of them line up with a 'certain type' you could say lol am OK with the gay label," he added.

Sexuality is a spectrum, of course, but as Ranboo's tweet suggests, he has mostly been attracted to men over the course of his life.

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/srs is also used on TikTok.

Although many users saw /srs for the first time because of Ranboo's tweet, it has become a pretty commonplace abbreviation for serious across the internet. Like many shortened phrases, it's also used on TikTok, and because the language of the internet transcends platforms, it's become common on Instagram and Twitter as well.

In most instances, /srs is not worthy of that much attention. Ranboo only made the phrase so important because he was confirming a long-time rumor about him. Now that he's out, Ranboo's fans seem to be thrilled for him. Of course, he made the decision to come out publicly on his own timeline, and that's exactly how it should be. He may have hinted at it before, but now it's out there.

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