Fans Have Speculated That Twitch Star Ranboo May Be Dating a Fellow Streamer


Jan. 19 2022, Published 10:57 a.m. ET

It's not uncommon for fans to speculate about relationships between two, opposite gender friends who both happen to be famous. Sometimes, that speculation turns out to be true, but other times, it's based on nothing but rumors. Recently, fans began to suspect that Twitch streamer Ranboo was in a relationship with fellow streamer Aimsey, but many want to know whether there's any truth behind the speculation.

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Are Ranboo and Aimsey dating?

Ranboo and Aimsey, who both stream on Twitch, are certainly close with one another. Prior to her popularity on Twitch and TikTok, Aimsey was actually a child actress, and appeared in series like Casualty before joining the streaming community.

Ranboo, meanwhile, is 18 and hails from San Francisco. Both have gained online followings in part thanks to their Twitch streams.

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Even though they spend quite a bit of time together, Aimsey and Ranboo are not actually dating, contrary to what many of their followers believe. Aimsey and Ranboo confirmed their status as friends recently when Aimsey posted a series of photos with him on Twitter along with the caption, "FRIENDSHIP."

Aimsey is currently in a relationship with fellow streamer Serena, and Aimsey and Ranboo are just friends who collaborate on videos.

Who is Ranboo dating?

Although the speculation that Ranboo is dating Aimsey didn't pan out, she's far from the only person that he has been linked with since he's become a prominent streamer.

In the summer of last year, some speculated that Ranboo was dating or romantically involved with Tubbo, whose real name is Tobby Smith. The two actually live together and do much of their streaming together as well.

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They also claim that they are legally married, but not because they love one another. Instead, they got married in order to save money on their taxes.

All of this may seem a little far-fetched, and some have suggested that Ranboo and Tubbo are more romantically linked than they claim to be, and are simply hiding their relationship from their audience.

Source: Twitter
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Fans have weighed in on Ranboo's relationship status.

Even as some have speculated that Ranboo and Aimsey are in a relationship, those who have been following him for a long time were quick to clarify that they are not.

“Friend who doesn’t really watch them saw timeline with all the pics & asked me if Ranboo & Aimsey are dating lmao," one person wrote on Twitter.

“Where do I get a friendship like Ranboo and Aimsey’s?” another person asked. “Where do I get a comfort tall friend?”

Even though they aren't actually dating, it's clear that many fans are jealous of the close bond that has formed between the two. Not every relationship has to have a romantic component. Sometimes, close friends can be closer than romantic partners, and it's certainly true that friends play an important role in every person's emotional life. That may explain why so many people are jealous of the dynamic between Ranboo and Aimsey.

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