The Year of the Girl: The Pink Bow Trend on TikTok and What It Means

Sarah Walsh - Author

Jan. 11 2024, Published 6:47 p.m. ET

Pink Bow Trend TikTok
Source: TikTok/@oliviacrompton; TikTok/@bex.irl; TikTok/@chelsealascher1

Between the Barbie movie’s box-office success, and seismologists accidentally registering Taylor Swift’s Eras tour concerts as earthquakes, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that girl power is on the rise!

The past year was marked by feminine power, creativity, and unabashed self-expression, and that has extended to social media too. One trend, in particular, has captivated the hearts of TikTok users worldwide, enveloping social media in a swirl of pink positivity.

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The pink bow trend, celebrated for its unapologetic embrace of femininity, has become a symbol of empowerment, transforming the digital space into a canvas for self-love and collective celebration. As the internet dubbed the past year as the "Year of the Girl," the pink bow trend is not just about bows — it's about women finding strength in unity, reclaiming the narrative, and unearthing joy in the everyday.

What's the pink bow trend on TikTok? And what does it mean when people are putting pink bows on things?

The pink bow trend is more than just a pretty little accessory. One TikToker explains, "If you're wondering what the coquette aesthetic is, and why everyone keeps putting bows on things, I'm here to tell you."

It's a declaration of the power that comes from embracing femininity in all its diverse forms. From adorning pets and everyday objects to playfully stacking bows on unexpected items, TikTok users are infusing their lives with this symbol of girl power, embracing the year of the girl!

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This trend has transformed into a vibrant celebration of the coquette aesthetic, where women and people of all genders revel in the freedom to express themselves, unburdened by societal expectations.

Beyond the bows themselves, the movement is underscored by a sense of self-awareness and satire, giving rise to a powerful message that femininity is not synonymous with fragility.

One TikToker even posted a pic of a cute little bow on an UID, and another adorned a pack of birth control pills with one!

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As the pink bow trend blossoms across social media, it intertwines with broader themes of women empowerment, self-love, and the reclaiming of traditionally gendered terms.

The diverse and creative expressions of the coquette aesthetic, ranging from lace and frills to hearts and ribbons, speak to a yearning for authenticity and the breaking down of restrictive norms.

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But let's not forget that TikTok trends do come and go. Much like the mustache trend and the center of gravity challenge, this will probably be replaced by something else.

One TikToker warns, "If you've not already seen the video of people saying that the 2012 mustache trend is the exact same as the bow trend, then this is the video for you." She goes on to say, "If you get a bow tattoo one day it's gonna look like this," pointing to a mustache tattoo.

So, here's to the pink bow trend, the Year of the Girl, and the countless expressions of girl power yet to unfold in the ever-evolving landscape of TikTok trends. But let's not take this too far, guys, and start tattooing ourselves — maybe we just stick to removable ones.

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