Caleb Plant’s Mom Met a Hostile and Tragic End at the Hands of Police

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Sep. 23 2021, Published 8:07 p.m. ET

The world of combat sports is an interesting one, especially boxing, which has been seeing a resurgence as of late after mixed martial arts has been stealing headlines for a very long time. The sweet science has more than a handful of stars that sell pay-per-views, but one of the biggest right now is Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, who has looked nigh-unstoppable ever since his only loss to Floyd "Money" Mayweather.

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There was a bit of controversy between him and new rival Caleb Plant at a recent press conference, and the tragic story of what happened to Caleb's mother is now circulating social media as a result.

What happened to Caleb Plant's mom?

The Tennessee native and Mexican slugger came to blows at a recent press conference while hyping up their Nov. 6, 2021 bout on Showtime Boxing.

A visibly irritated Canelo began shouting the word "motherf--ker" to Caleb and shoved the boxer. Caleb casually accosted Canelo and threw a left hook, one Canelo artfully dodged while tossing away his sunglasses before landing two shots of his own.

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The blows Canelo threw left a cut under Caleb's left eye, and the two men were separated. When asked about what prompted such a violent response after the conference, Canelo stated that trash talk doesn't bother him. However, when his mother is invoked, he won't stand for it.

Caleb denied ever saying anything about Canelo's mother and asked reporters who posed the question if they knew what happened to his own mom.

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Beth Plant, Caleb's mother, was shot and killed by a police officer, who reportedly acted in self defense after she threatened him with a knife in an ambulance. The deputy in question yelled at Beth several times to drop the knife as she accosted him with the blade she pulled from her backpack after fighting being restrained. After being shot, she was transported to the hospital.

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The wounds she suffered from ultimately proved to be fatal, and she died on Saturday, March 9, 2019. Caleb uploaded several social media posts honoring his mom's legacy, referencing the "demons" she fought prior to the fatal stand-off with police.

Source: Twitter
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The internet's pulling up receipts about Canelo's claims he didn't know what motherf--ker meant in regards to Caleb.

While some thought it was in poor taste of Canelo to push Caleb the way that he did, others defended the Mexican boxer's actions, arguing that the semantics of the word "motherf--ker" is what caused the outburst from Canelo.

However, there are other things that happened during and before the press conference that raised a few eyebrows from folks. Namely, the fact that Caleb's been pointing out Canelo's six-month suspension for testing positive for Clenbuterol, a performance-enhancing drug.

Caleb repeatedly called Canelo a "drug cheat," but in the world of professional athletics, that term could apply to any number of high profile stars. Steroid usage is a bit of an open secret, and if you ask anyone who has performed on a high level, they'll probably tell you that it's already assumed that whoever they're going up against is juicing.

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Source: Twitter

However what "matters" is whether or not someone is caught in an official test. And Canelo did. Many think that this is the real reason Canelo pushed Caleb.

Then there are the throngs of users who are pointing out that Canelo himself employed the usage of the word "motherf--ker" in the lead up to his bout with Demetrius Andrade — so he either intentionally insulted Demetrius's mother, which would be a bit hypocritical, or he knows that the term could be used as a general insult and not necessarily one that means a person fornicates with his own mother.

We'll see if any of these factors come into play on Nov. 6, 2021. Who do you have for this one?

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