One Word Caleb Plant Said to Canelo Sparked Their Press Conference Brawl

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Sep. 22 2021, Published 1:11 p.m. ET

Canelo Pushed Plant
Source: Twitter

What makes the sport of boxing so beautiful are the rules that are implemented in the game. There's a controlled application of violence that's delivered in a way that's specific to each fighter. The implementation of these rules fosters a sense of creativity. For the most part, pugilists save the hurt for the ring. So why did Canelo push Caleb Plant at their pre-fight press conference?

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Why did Canelo push Plant?

Saul "Canelo" Alvarez is arguably the biggest name in boxing. The Mexican bruiser has a 59-1-2 record, with a whopping 38 knockouts to his name. In many of his media appearances, interviews, pre-fight walkouts, and even in the ring himself, Canelo is characteristically a composed individual (most of the time). Even when he talks trash to hype up a fight he's extremely matter-of-fact in the process.

Canelo Alvarez
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So that's why it came as a shock to those watching his press conference with Plant to see Canelo push his opponent backward. Plant then approached Canelo and threw a left. Canelo dodged and retaliated, hitting the Ashland, Tenn. native in the right side of the face. After their scuffle, it was revealed that Plant sustained a cut to his left hand.

Analyzing the clip, there are a few things that are immediately noticeable, and slight body language readings that fight fans can really appreciate.

What's obvious is Canelo's repeated usage of the word "motherf--ker." After the scuffle, Canelo revealed that this is the word Plant said to him that set him off.

"He can say whatever he wants to say to me, but not to my mom," Canelo said to Brian Cluster of Showtime.

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"Because I’m gonna [knock] out everybody who say something to my mom. You know, and he swing first. I just push him, but he swing first. Then just, I do what I do," the Mexican fighter continued.

Plant denied ever saying anything about Canelo's mom and was sincerely shocked that reporters would think he did. But this could boil down to the actual definition of the word "motherf--ker." It certainly seems like Canelo believes that Caleb Plant was actually talking about his mother.

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Viewers who've seen fights brew in the past will also appreciate how the entire scuffle went down. Plant approached Canelo casually, attempting to hide the fact that he was going to throw a left hook. As he did that, Canelo casually tossed his sunglasses backward so as not to break them and then in the same motion countered Plant.

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Canelo dodged his punches with rapid-fast reaction time and immediately landed two open-handed slaps to Caleb's face. Why didn't he close his fist? Well, that's because he might've broken his hand, so Canelo thought everything through.

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So what exactly did Caleb Plant say to Canelo?

Prior to employing the use of the word "motherf--ker," Plant also brought up Canelo's past steroid usage and that the fighter was banned for six months for being "a cheat." He also added that Alvarez is a b---h and that his trainer is "fat" and also a "b---h".

The two men will get to settle their differences on Nov. 6, 2021, on Showtime PPV.

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