You Can Repair the Master Sword in 'Tears of the Kingdom' — Here's How

Sara Belcher - Author

May 12 2023, Published 2:18 p.m. ET

Link holding the Destroyed Master Sword in 'Tears of the Kingdom'
Source: Nintendo

In many of the early trailers for Tears of the Kingdom the legendary Master Sword was shown shattered into pieces. Known as the "Sword that Seals the Darkness," players have made retrieving the powerful weapon one of their primary missions in every Zelda game — but Tears of the Kingdom forces the player to adapt without it right away.

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So what actually happened to the Master Sword — why is it shattered into pieces, and will Link be able to repair it?

Warning: Massive spoilers for Tears of the Kingdom ahead.

Ganondorf destroying the Master Sword and Link's arm in 'Tears of the Kingdom'
Source: Nintendo
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What happened to the Master Sword? It shatters at the start of 'Tears of the Kingdom.'

In the opening moments of Tears of the Kingdom, Link and Zelda are exploring the ruins underneath Hyrule Castle. Though Zelda was told long ago never to enter the ruins (or even ask about them), she and Link adventure under the castle to explore the "gloom" that has been infecting others.

As the pair venture further underneath the castle, they find ancient Zonai runes. Though the Zonai were not a prominent part of the previous game, there were hints to their existence long before Tears of the Kingdom.

Zelda and Link venture into the depths of the ruins, eventually coming across a decrepit being locked away, a glowing arm seemingly the only thing that's holding him in place. This is Ganondorf.

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As Zelda and Link ponder this clearly evil being, the glowing arm falls from its chest and the demon rises, seemingly awoken from its once-eternal slumber. Unsurprisingly, it attempts to attack Zelda before Link intervenes, attempting to slash its tendrils of darkness with the Master Sword.

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Unfortunately, when the Master Sword makes contact with the darkness, it shatters into several pieces, leaving Link with only the ruined hilt at his side. As this happens, the darkness also envelopes his arm, draining his health back to three hearts and seemingly destroying his appendage. The floor collapses underneath the group, plunging Zelda into its depths while Link is saved by the glowing arm that once held the villain at bay.

The Destroyed Master Sword in 'Tears of the Kingdom'
Source: Nintendo
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When Link awakens in another crumbling tomb, all he finds is the Destroyed Master Sword. In its current state, even a simple tree branch is more powerful than the once-mighty weapon.

Can the Master Sword be repaired in 'Tears of the Kingdom'?

Thankfully, though Ganondorf initially destroyed the Master Sword, Link and Zelda can repair the weapon throughout the game. Once Zelda and Link are reunited, she can use her powers to go back in time and heal the Master Sword.

The princess will take the sword from Link and, by using a Secret Stone from the Zonai, she transforms into a dragon and goes back in time, using her body to restore the sword to its power.

As Link progresses through the journey in Tears of the Kingdom, he can find Zelda to retrieve it — though instead of having enough heart containers to get it, like in Breath of the Wild, he'll need to have enough stamina. You'll want to have two full wheels of stamina before you attempt to retrieve the Master Sword, so you'll have to advance sufficiently through the game if you want to wield the powerful weapon again.

Tears of the Kingdom is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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