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Source: Youtube

Here's What Really Happened to Shaun's Brother in 'The Good Doctor'


The figure who inspired Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) to pursue a career in medicine and become a leading surgeon with rare talents to boast? It was his brother, Steve (Dylan Kingwell). 

Shaun's fondness for his deceased brother is a topic The Good Doctor revisits over and over. Take "Friends and Family," which saw the ambitious doctor get in a fight with his father over the circumstances of Steve's tragic death. 

What happened to Shaun's brother, The Good Doctor' s sorely-missed character?

So, what happened to Shaun's brother in The Good Doctor

As the first few episodes of Season 1 reveal, Shaun and Steve grew even closer during their ceaseless battle with their abusive parents. 

Unable to handle the perpetual war-zone inside the family home, the siblings eventually flee from their violent father, Edward (Kirby Morrow/Michael Trucco) and mother, Katherine (Rebecca Husain), and seek refuge at an abandoned building.