What Was Baylan Skoll Hunting for All Season on 'Ahsoka'? Ending Explained

Baylan Skoll turned out to be a fairly major player in 'Ahsoka,' and many are wondering what happened to him in the show's final episode.


Oct. 4 2023, Published 2:47 p.m. ET

Baylan Skoll standing in a robe.
Source: Disney+

The Gist:

  • Baylan Skoll ends his story on Ahsoka on a statue of The Father, a character first seen in The Clone Wars.
  • Baylan claims that he's being called to, and it seems like these statues were the ones calling him.
  • It's unclear what Baylan's future may be in large part because of the untimely death of Ray Stevenson, the actor who played him.
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As one of the new characters introduced in Ahsoka, fans were immediately intrigued by Baylan Skoll. A former Jedi who comes to hate Ahsoka Tano because of her connection to Anakin, Baylan's morality was murky at best. When we meet him, he's working as a mercenary alongside his apprentice Shin Hati.

As the season progresses, though, Baylan and Shin take different courses, which left many wondering what happens to Baylan in the season's final episode. Baylan, who is played by the late Ray Stevenson, has been hinting at some larger force that was calling out to him, and in the final episode of Ahsoka, we see exactly what he was feeling.

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Baylan Skoll standing on a statue of The Father on Peridea.
Source: Disney+

What happened to Baylan Skoll on 'Ahsoka'?

After leaving Shin behind in Episode 7, we only get one glimpse at what Baylan is up to in Episode 8. It's then that we see Baylan walking on a structure on Peridea, only for it to be revealed that he's standing on a statue of The Father, a character who was previously seen in the Mortis arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The statue sees the father with his hand outstretched, and is an unmistakable likeness for anyone who has seen The Clone Wars.

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Right next to the statue of The Father is one of The Son, who also closely resembles his appearance in The Clone Wars, right down to his bald head. The statue of The Daughter appeared to be missing, though.

So it appears that it was The Father who was calling out to Baylan, although you might not understand what that means unless you're familiar with The Clone Wars.

Who is The Father?

The Father first appeared in Season 3 of The Clone Wars when Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obi-Wan got stranded on a planet called Mortis, which they eventually came to realize was really just an anomaly in the Force. While on the planet, they met The Father, The Son, and The Daughter, and came to understand that The Father represents the balance in the Force.

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The Son, meanwhile, represents the dark, and The Daughter the light, which leaves the question of what these figures have to do with Baylan and the story of Ahsoka. It seems like one of these two figures was calling to Baylan, although it isn't clear why there are statues of them on Peridea.

Because of Ray Stevenson's death, it isn't clear what role Baylan may play in the Star Wars canon moving forward. What this scene certainly indicates, though, is that the original plan involved some sort of plot involving The Father, The Son, and Peridea.

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