Berleezy's YouTube Account Has Been Deleted Due to Violations of YouTube Policy


Feb. 6 2023, Published 11:12 a.m. ET

Fans are wondering what happened to Berleezy following the news that his YouTube account has been deleted. There hasn't been a lot of explanation provided for the deletion of the influencer's account, but YouTube did say that his account had been banned "due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy on nudity and sexual content." Given the deletion of his account, though, many want to know what the exact violations were.

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What happened to Berleezy?

Although Berleezy has yet to explain exactly what happened and why his account got taken down, a tweet from Twitch streamer Jojo seems to suggest that he is aware of the problem.

"Aye yall, Berlin knows bout his channel being smacked. These are his exact words: 'S--t that's crazy I'll fix it in the a.m.,'" Jojo wrote on Twitter. It seems like Berleezy is on it, then, and that his channel could be restored soon.

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Reddit users have speculated that the reason his channel was deleted in the first place is because of his videos streaming Poop Killer 4, a throwback to horror movies from the 1980s that has a pretty absurd sense of humor. While no statement has been released from either Berleezy or YouTube confirming that this video is the reason his channel was taken down, it seems like a good bet.

Fans have launched a campaign to bring his channel back.

Although it seems that Berleezy may have legitimately violated YouTube's policies in a recent video, there are many fans of the streamer who want his channel to be restored as soon as possible.

"Crazy how @YouTube hasn't taken down these channels or age restrict them at all but they TERMINATED Berleezy's entire channel for playing a game called Poop Killer 4, y'all are showing a few different colors rn," one person wrote on Twitter, alongside the hashtag #freeberleezy.

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Other users pointed out that the termination of Berleezy's account had come during Black History Month and seemed to suggest that YouTube was enforcing a double standard while policing its content.

Still, others said that YouTube could have age-restricted Berleezy's content instead of terminating his account altogether, but they seem to have jumped right to more severe punishment.

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The exact remedies that may be available to Berleezy to get his YouTube channel restored are somewhat unclear, but it seems like he's going to try to get his channel back up and running.

Until then, though, fans will just have to wait for his return in the hopes that he will be able to come to some sort of agreement with YouTube that allows him to get his channel back.

For now, fans can't even watch the videos Berleezy has posted that are unrelated to the videos that got him banned. His entire account has been terminated, which means that users who were watching some of his old streams suddenly found themselves booted off them entirely. Until his channel comes back, all his videos are gone.

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