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Source: YouTube

Carlos Mencia's Career Nosedive Is Considered Comedic Karma by a Lot of Fellow Comics


Chappelle Show was unlike anything on TV at the time. A non-stop sketch comedy masterpiece filled with bits that blew everyone and their mother away, the man started a movement and style of comedy that many tried to emulate. Ratings were so good it didn't take long for the network to search for similar, irreverent programming to put on the air — like Carlos Mencia.

But while we know what happened to Dave Chappelle after leaving Comedy central, what about Carlos?

What happened to Carlos Mencia?

The Honduran-American funnyman built a name for himself with a high energy style and relentless touring pace on the comedy circuit. Like Dave Chappelle, he focused on racially charged jokes and tackling insensitive subject matter, never shying away from making anyone the subject of his jokes. He even had a catchphrase, "Dee der dee" to signal whenever someone was acting akin to someone who was developmentally disabled.