TikTok Star Chris Rooney Has Been Found After He Briefly Seemed to Go Missing

On Aug. 3, 2023, it was announced that TikTok star Chris Rooney had been found after going missing for nine days. What happened to him?


Aug. 4 2023, Published 10:20 a.m. ET

The gist:

  • TikTok star Chris Rooney was found safe on Aug. 3 after going missing for nine days.
  • It's unclear what exactly happened to the TikToker, who has more than 5 million followers and often featured his young niece, Marleigh, in his videos.
  • Chris recently revealed that he and his wife Emily have separated, and Chris may use this time to step away from the spotlight a bit.
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Following the news that TikTok star Chris Rooney had gone missing for nine days, many of his fans were relieved by the news that he had been found. Chris, who goes by the TikTok handle @theyeetbaby, was last seen at his home in Fredericksburg, Va. on July 25, 2023. The police were eventually called in, and those who knew Chris best also made impassioned pleas on social media to find him.

On Aug. 3, it was announced that Chris has been found and is home safe. So, what happened to Chris? Many of his followers want more details. Here's what we know.

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What happened to Chris Rooney?

In a message posted to Chris's Instagram account, we learned that “He has been found safe. He is safe. Thank you for your prayers."

Unfortunately, we don't know any more about exactly what happened to Chris, including where he was, how he went missing, or how he was eventually found. For now, all that information is still being kept under wraps.

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Who is Chris Rooney?

Chris emerged as a popular TikTok user after starting his account in 2020. Chris's account has more than 5 million followers, although one of the reasons it's so popular is that it frequently features his niece, Marleigh, who is the baby of the account's title.

Clips of the two of them together often go viral, and typically feature Marleigh attempting to do some normal task in a way that only a child would ever consider. Marleigh's younger brother Jack also started appearing in some of the videos once he was old enough.

Marleigh often says the word "yeet," which is how the name "the yeet baby" was born.

As Chris's channel has become more popular, he has also become more candid about aspects of his personal life. Just recently he confirmed that he and his wife Emily have separated. Following that video, Chris posted another now-deleted video in which he pushed back on comments about his history of addiction and alcohol abuse.

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In that video, he said that those kinds of comments push him to the edge, and ultimately contribute to what seems like a fairly fragile mental state.

Chris disappeared following these videos, naturally leading some fans to fear the worst. Ultimately, though, it seems that Chris has returned home safely, and we shouldn't make assumptions about what might have happened. It's better to wait for the facts than to believe or spread rumors.

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Chris may have a different relationship with his fans moving forward.

Although Chris has built up a significant following on TikTok in part through opening up about his own life, it's possible that he will have a different relationship with the many people who follow him moving forward than he had in the past. We may never learn the reasons that he ultimately went missing, and will have to make peace with not knowing that information.

Chris isn't obligated to share any part of his life with the public, and if he has found that his personal life is in any way hindered by his public life on social media, he's allowed to just step away. There's no saying whether he'll do that or not, but it certainly seems like a possibility.

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