Rumors Are Swirling About Rapper Chuy Montana — Is He Dead?


Feb. 8 2024, Published 9:40 a.m. ET

Although Chuy Montana isn't yet a household name, he has already established himself as a rapper worth watching, especially in the Latino community. Recently, though, rumors have begun swirling about Chuy and whether he's OK.

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Now, following reports that Chuy died, many want to better understand what happened to him. Here's what we know about what happened to Chuy Montana, and why so many people seem to be mourning him on social media.

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What happened to Chuy Montana?

Unfortunately, Chuy's record label Street Mob Records put out a statement in Spanish saying that he had died.

"On behalf of Street Mob Records, we deeply regret the passing of our colleague and brother Jesus Nolberto Cardenas Velasquez, also known as Chuy Montana," the statement said. "We sympathize with his family during this time of grief. We kindly request understanding and respect from the media at this difficult time."

Although it didn't offer any information as to how Chuy had died, users on Reddit suggest that he was gunned down after being caught by captors in Tijuana. The reason for his death is still unclear, although many suspect that it was in some way related to cartel activity.

Regardless of the exact reasons for Chuy's death, though, the news of his passing has many fans upset, especially because his career was on an overwhelmingly positive trajectory.

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"Heart breaking," one person wrote on Reddit. "Why can't we protect our fellow humans and bring our people up... so many against Latinos coming up that we should be taking care of each other. Instead, some are doing the opposite. We need to do better."

While some people wanted to better understand who Chuy was running from, many expressed similar sentiments, saying that too many prominent young rappers had been gunned down this way.

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More information in the case may be forthcoming.

Although the information that has been officially confirmed is relatively limited, there may eventually be a police investigation into this case that sheds more light on the situation. For now, all that has been publicly confirmed is the news of Chuy's death, which comes as he was receiving more recognition for his skill as a performer.

Many suspected that Chuy could have continued to have a prominent career for years to come, and some have also said that they don't believe he was affiliated with any gangs and that he was simply kidnapped and held for ransom.

For now, though, the details of the story are still coming into shape, and we don't know as much as we may eventually about exactly what happened.

Regardless of the exact circumstances of his death, the news is overwhelmingly sad for those who had been following Chuy's career and were hoping that he would eventually break big. Now, they'll just have to remember him for the music that he released and ensure that his legacy as a rapper isn't forgotten amid the news of his tragic death.

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