'Elliot in the Morning' Has Been Broadcasting Re-Runs, Leaving Some Fans Alarmed

The show has been on vacation, but will return on July 9.


Jul. 8 2024, Published 9:41 a.m. ET

Like the morning news or your regular cup of coffee, morning radio shows play an important part in many people's regular routine. You listen to the same show every day, which can also mean that you notice almost immediately when something is different.

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Some regular listeners of Elliot in the Morning, a weekday morning show hosted by Elliot Segal, have noticed that the show has been airing re-runs and compilations recently. Here's what we know about what happened to the show and whether it will be back.

Elliot Segal waving while at Disney World.
Source: Twitter/@EITMonline
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What happened to 'Elliot in the Morning'?

It seems the reason that the show has been airing re-runs is actually relatively simple: Elliot is on vacation, and the show is in reruns until they return. Thankfully for fans, it seems the plan is for the show to be back live on Tuesday, July 9. On Reddit, some have speculated that there's an ominous reason that Elliot has started using their vacation days, though.

"Expect more reruns. They’re using all their vacation because they know they’re on the shortlist to get s--tcanned," one person wrote. It's unclear what this rumor might be based on, but the summer season tends to feature more vacations anyway. For now, fans can be excited that Elliot will return to regular broadcasting on July 9, and hope that any future vacations they take don't last too long.

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Elliot is already in promo mode.

Although they are not back on the air yet, Elliot is already doing some promo for the show's return, teasing that the show's Tuesday return will also bring with it a sweepstakes to go to the Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal.

While the news that they wouldn't be back until Tuesday was sad for some, it's clear that Elliot is still in regular communication with their many fans.

Source: Twitter/@EITMonline
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'Elliot in the Morning' has long been controversial.

Elliot in the Morning is based out of Washington, D.C., but has been picked up widely by other radio stations across the country. The show's wide listenership has earned it tons of loyal fans, even in spite of some of the controversies that have occasionally bubbled up around it.

In fact, Elliot's show had racked up more than $300,000 in FCC fines as of 2005 thanks to some of the conversations the host frequently has on the air. As a result, the show now airs on a tape delay so that, even though it still features pretty regular and oblique references to sexual topics, it doesn't face fines quite as steep as it once did.

While the future of Elliot in the Morning remains uncertain, the fact remains that the show has a listener base loyal enough to wonder what happened to the show whenever it stops airing new episodes. Even the most popular radio hosts deserve a vacation. Here's hoping that when Elliot and team return to work, they're rested and ready to keep putting on a great show.

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