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Source: Instagram

Fans Speculate What Happened to YouTube Personality FunnyMike's Dad


YouTube personality FunnyMike (also known as 22 Savage), the frontrunner of the channel FunnyMike, is known for his family videos featuring pranks, challenges, and other family drama. The family is hilarious, following the siblings' love lives and attempts to embarrass them on an everyday basis. 

Some of his most popular content includes the "FOUND CIGARETTES IN LIL SISTER BACKPACK PRANK" and Kam and Mirah's music video for their song "A's & B's." The channel currently has 4.1 million subscribers.

While the family's videos usually feature a series of lighthearted content, one of his most recent videos revealed the death of his father. 

FunnyMike didn't mention specifically how his father died, which has left many fans of the channel wondering — what happened to FunnyMike's dad?