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What Happened to Gamora After 'Avengers: Endgame'? (SPOILERS)


What happened to Gamora after Avengers: Endgame is finished? Fans of the franchise are curious to know what's going on with Zoe Saldana's character after the conclusion to one of the most highly-anticipated films to ever be released in theaters.

This should go without saying, but I'm warning you right now: there are massive spoilers in this post so if you've already seen the movie or don't mind it getting the plot "ruined" for you, keep reading. Otherwise, just go and watch the film.

After the events of Infinity War, fans were left heartbroken after seeing a bunch of their favorite heroes turn into dust before their very eyes.

However there was a comfort in knowing that there's no way Marvel was going to kill off certain heroes for good. T'Challa from Black Panther was definitely not going anywhere, because there was already a Black Panther 2 on the way. Tom Holland's Spider-Man was another character we knew wasn't going anywhere. Far From Home was well into production, with a teaser trailer featuring Jack Gyllenhaal debuting online before Endgame's release.