Greg Kelly’s Twitter Drama Proves No One Should Use the Platform

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Sep. 29 2021, Published 3:16 p.m. ET

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Introduce a political topic between two people getting along swimmingly and watch what happens to their relationship. Maybe it's because most people select their political alignments based on their dislike of another party, as opposed to specific goals they'd like to see accomplished. Whatever the reason, there's a growing political divide in the United States, and there tons of media companies are capitalizing on it, like Newsmax. One talking head from the network, Greg Kelly, has found himself in hot water recently. So what happened?

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What happened to Newsmax's Greg Kelly?

Newsmax is a conservative-leaning news network founded in 1998 and offers up political coverage from what many would call an "anti-liberal" standpoint.

Like many talking heads in the entertainment-news sphere, Kelly's extremely outspoken and often tackles hot button issues and talking points.

It's hard to argue that there isn't a more delicate subject matter that'll get folks in trouble these days than race. Saying too much about a racial subject will land you in trouble. Saying too little has also sparked online outrage. Even commenting about political parties "stoking" fires of racial tension will get you into trouble, especially on Twitter.

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It's a double-edged sword: if you work in news, you can leverage Twitter to increase your following and keep your "brand" and opinions in the media cycle. Heck, President Donald Trump mean-tweeted his way into the Presidency because people couldn't help themselves from posting tons of articles every time he sent out a tweet.

Then the outlet de-platformed him.

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There's no shortage of career-ruining tweets, even beloved Black Panther actress Letitia Wright came under scrutiny for her posts about the COVID-19 vaccine.

But the ire being directed at Greg Kelly recently doesn't have to do with COVID-19, but rather, comments he made about race. The former Marine pilot says he attempted to make a point about identity politics and race with the following now-deleted tweet.

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In it, he wrote: "So that's the USS America aircraft carrier that I'm 'fixin' to land on. Just knowing that President Clinton, who was in office at the time, was a Caucasian male made it 'all worthwhile' — ask any white male officer who served under him. So appreciative of his Race were we."

He also followed up by saying that having a white secretary of defense boosted morale between him and his fellow soldiers.

Then, Kelly backtracked his comments stating that "being a MARINE had nothing to do with RACE. It didn't matter," in a follow-up tweet.

Newsmax has condemned racism, stating that they categorically reject "posting of racist views or views that appeal to racists." The network is currently investigating the matter.

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The particulars of the investigation haven't been released, however, and no word on disciplinary action against Kelly has been discussed. However, some have commented that he "crossed the line" and has moved past the point of "performance art."

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