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Did Rob Schmitt Abruptly Leave 'Fox & Friends First'?



Over the past few weeks, Fox News anchor Rob Schmitt has been noticeably absent from his early morning program Fox & Friends First. Correspondent Todd Piro, who joined the network in 2017, is currently filling in as co-host alongside Jillian Mele — but could the switch-up be permanent?

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Is Rob Schmitt still at Fox News?

The reporter is still listed as one of the show’s main contributors, but appears to have taken some time off to celebrate his 37th birthday, which was on Aug. 13. Rob revealed in an Instagram post that he visited his hometown of Carmel, Ind.

"First time home in WAY too long," the journalist wrote next to a photo with his parents, Farzaneh and Robert. After his trip to the Midwest, Rob hung out with friends in L.A. before spending a weekend in the Hamptons.

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The Indiana University grad’s first job out of college was actually in Redding, Calif., a city about 160 miles north of Sacramento. "What I do requires a lot of lifestyle changing," Rob told Feeling the Vibe magazine of his early years in broadcast journalism.

Source: Instagram
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"I would say every 2-3 years I had to uproot my entire life and just start all over in a different city… When you’re just getting comfortable in L.A., you’re told you’re going to New York but then you don’t know anyone over there," he explained.

"I believe that’s what weeds a lot of people out of this industry. You ask yourself, 'Do I really want to move to this small town and make $8/hour being a news reporter at 22 years old? Do I want to move away from all my friends and go to that city?'"

His decision to stick with it proved to be a smart one for Rob, who has been at Fox News since 2016. "Every day is kind of different, it’s not just sitting behind a desk doing paperwork," the anchor said of his Fox & Friends First gig. 

"Being on television keeps it interesting and there’s always new content every day. I always say one of the better parts of my job is that if I go on a vacation, you don’t return to a job where everything has piled up on your desk," he added. No wonder he looks so relaxed on social media. 

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Source: Instagram

Rob Schmitt's workday starts at 2:30 a.m. and continues long after he's left the studio.

While breaking down his schedule, Rob revealed that he’s in the office by 3:30 a.m. every weekday. "We have the show at 5 a.m. We have a meeting after that, then I hang around and leave work close to 9 a.m., but that’s not where my day stops," he shared.

"In my mind, most of the news happens between noon and 6 p.m. So you have to pay attention during those hours even though you’re not at work," he noted. "Then at night before I go to bed, I catch up on what’s been going on during the day so I’m ready for work in the morning."

You certainly don’t go into broadcast journalism for the cushy work/life balance.

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