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Source: CBS

'Criminal Minds' Fans Probably Won't Get to See Hotch One Last Time in the Series Finale


Hotch has been a part of Criminal Minds since the start and left his mark as the gun-wielding Behavioral Analysis Unit chief who often led SWAT teams on intense and dangerous missions. But after his blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance in Season 12, it appeared that Hotch had suddenly left the show. And with Criminal Minds’ final season well underway, fans are likely wondering what happened to Hotch and if he will be back one final time before the show wraps for good.

To be fair, Hotch isn't the only key Criminal Minds character to get the boot over the years. Gideon was the BAU unit chief before Hotch and was only on the show for three seasons. And while Agent Morgan was considered a guest star in Season 12 and 13, he was more of a main character for the show’s first 11 seasons. Still, Hotch is one of those longtime characters fans are still curious about.