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Source: Instagram

Fans Knew J.J. Was Leaving 'Criminal Minds' Way Before the Series Finale for This Reason


Since 2005, Criminal Minds has been bringing the most sadistic, creepy, and sinister cases ever to a television drama. While the show can be haunting, one of the most compelling elements of the drama is the strong relationship that the characters have with one another. 

For years, BAU special agents J.J. Jareau (A.J. Cook) and Spencer "Reid" (Matthew Gray Gubler) have had chemistry and a ton of cute banter. But, J.J. has been married on the show since Season 7 to Will LaMontagne Jr., whom she already had a child with.  

It seemed like the two would never get together until J.J. told Reid she loved him during the Season 14 finale. In the Season 15 premiere, we finally got some clarity on what was going on between the two.