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Source: MTV

Jerika Binks' Disappearance Still Has Questions That 'True Life Crime' May Be Able to Answer


No one could have anticipated that when 24-year-old Jerika Binks left a sober house in American Fork, Utah on Feb. 18, 2018 to go running, she would never return. But, as her roommate explained to the police, she had left behind all of her belongings and only took her cell phone with her and was even seen on security footage on a trail camera, proving that she told the truth about where she was going and what she was doing.

But as True Life Crime delves into the mystery of it all, it’s hard not to wonder what happened to Jerika Binks. She’d had substance abuse issues long before her disappearance, which was why she had been living at the sober house, and no one had reason to believe she had relapsed or that her disappearance had anything to do with drugs. This, coupled with her plans to take a trip later in the month, made her disappearance all the more curious.