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Source: YouTube

Linda Lee Couch Admits to Burying Her Husband in a Vegetable Patch in 'I Am a Killer'


According to some, Linda Lee Couch is a cold-blooded murderer. According to others, she is a domestic abuse victim whose case has been overlooked by the legal system. 

The next episode of I Am a Killer is set to explore the validity of these narratives, offering insight into what led the mother-of-three to reach for a gun and shoot her husband on a Sunday afternoon in October 1984. Produced by Netflix and Crime + Investigation, the episode will take a look at what happened to Linda Lee Couch

'I Am a Killer' features interviews with death row inmates like Linda Lee Couch.

I Am a Killer is a six-episode-long true-crime series aiming to shed new light on the psychological motifs leading criminals to murder. The series features interviews, rare media footage, and first-person testimonies to explore the harrowing factors playing into acts of inexplicable cruelty.