Meme Sheep Was Popular on YouTube Right Until the Moment It Was Deleted — Again

Meme Sheep was a popular YouTube channel and character, but after the channel was deleted, many wanted to know what happened to it.


Jun. 22 2023, Published 12:02 p.m. ET

A YouTuber known as Meme Sheep, who also had a popular animated character of the same name, has vanished from YouTube. The channel appears to have been deleted for a second time in May 2023. Following its deletion, many wanted to know exactly what happened to the channel and why it seems to have been taken down.

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The account deletion occurred just weeks after the Meme Sheep account was reinstated, and there isn't a ton of detail available on exactly what happened during this complicated saga. Here's what we know.

What happened to Meme Sheep?

Meme Sheep's account was deleted for the first time in March 2023, following a copyright claim on one of his videos. The claim was apparently serious enough to result in the deletion of the channel, but the exact nature of the claim is still unknown. On April 29, the copyright claim was rescinded and Meme Sheep's account was restored in full. Just a few weeks later, though, the account was deleted again.

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This time, the account was deleted on May 23 as a result of a claim made by an unnamed company against it. Meme Sheep posted about the deletion at the time on Twitter, although his account has since been deleted. Unfortunately, we don't have much detail on the exact nature of the claim made against the channel. We don't even know where the claim is coming from. As a result, the channel's many subscribers and fans are confused and frustrated.

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Meme Sheep had amassed more than 1 million subscribers.

Although the channel only launched in 2019, it had already amassed more than 1 million subscribers by 2021. That success made Meme Sheep fairly widely known, although the identity of the person behind the channel remained anonymous.

Although we might not have much detail on exactly what happened to Meme Sheep, what we do know is that many of his fans were upset by the news that his channel was going to disappear, this time maybe for good.

"Omg what! I love that guy's content!" one person wrote in a Reddit comment about the channel's disappearance.

"YouTube is f--ked. They’ve lost control of what they’re doing. Many other channels have had to re-upload or start over," another person added, clearly frustrated that YouTube hadn't taken any action to protect one of its more valuable content creators.

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Because Meme Sheep is an anonymous identity, we have no idea if the channel will ever be back or whether the person behind it will attempt to shift over to a new platform. Those who loved the channel are left in almost total uncertainty, and simply have to accept that the channel may never come back.

YouTube is host to a broad array of content creators, and those creators sometimes have problems with the platform that are a result of policy choices made by the website. In this case, though, we don't even really know whether or not YouTube is to blame.

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