Miles Disappeared From 'Snowpiercer' After the Season 1 Finale — Why?

What happened to Miles in 'Snowpiercer'? The fan-favorite character mysteriously disappeared after the Season 1 finale. Is he going to make a comeback?

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Feb. 15 2021, Published 7:11 p.m. ET

'Snowpiercer' actor Jaylin Fletcher
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Josie and Layton's adopted son, Miles (Jaylin Fletcher), vanished without a trace after the Season 1 finale of Snowpiercer. The unexpected plot twist had a divisive impact on fans, with some venturing so far as to assume that something horrible might have happened to him. Others held onto the last glimmer of hope — and it turns out, they might have been right. Miles is expected to make a comeback on "A Single Trade." 

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Unlike some fans believed, Miles didn't disappear completely in 'Snowpiercer.'

As a recent Instagram Story posted by actor Jaylin Fletcher reveals, Miles is about to re-appear on the post-apocalyptic dystopian thriller drama series. His re-emergence comes in the wake of Josie's (Katie McGuinness) latest struggles with finding her feet again. She had to work out what she missed out on while receiving treatment for her lethal freeze burn in a second class clinic. 

what happened to miles in snowpiercer
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As a previous episode of Snowpiercer revealed, she had to learn that her old friend and lover, Layton (Daveed Diggs) reunited with his ex, Zarah (Sheila Vand). Not afraid to venture off the beaten path to get what she wants, Zarah tried to make Josie's life harder by tempering with her IV drips. She changed her mind shortly afterward, telling Layton about Josie instead.

So, what happened to Miles?

As a side character on Snowpiercer, Miles appeared in almost every episode in Season 1. Somewhat perturbingly, he was nowhere to be seen in the Season 2 premiere or the consequent episodes. His prolonged absence made fans worried, with some starting to believe that a similar fate befell him as it did on Josie. 

"Sooo..did I forget something in #Snowpiercer? What happened to Miles? The supersmart kid becoming an engineer? Anybody? Thanks," tweeted @aemRubio

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"Maybe Melanie will find Miles at this weather station because it is like the only reason I can think of to explain why such a pivotal character in Season 1 has just stopped existing in Season 2 ??? #Snowpiercer," tweeted @DanielWaite_

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Unlike Josie, Miles didn't have to confront the ugliness of mankind and endure acts of extreme cruelty. As loyal fans might recall, Miles' adoptive mom came up against Melanie (Jennifer Connelly) in the most unfortunate of ways. As part of an interrogation captured in "The Universe Is Indifferent," Josie had one of her pinkies frozen off

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To escape Melanie's hold, she voluntarily smashed off a completely frozen hand. But her captor took notice before she would have fled the scene. To punish her even more, she locked her up inside the interrogation room, with the broken air hose inside — thereby ensuring that Josie wouldn't make it out alive. 

Jaylin Fletcher is set to appear in a forthcoming TV series, 'Clickbait.'

There's a chance that Jaylin had to miss out on a few days of shooting because of a scheduling clash, a recent article by Daily Express prompts. As his IMDb page reveals, Jaylin plays Kai Brewer's role in a new TV series, titled Clickbait.

Catch new episodes of Snowpiercer every Monday at 9 p.m. ET on TNT.  

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